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3DEXPERIENCE Design Aug 16, 2023

3DEXPERIENCE Platform 2023x FD03, was released on July 8, 2023 and with it came some great new enhancements. A complete list of updates will be linked below - this article features our top favorites. 

Over the weekend, Dassault Systemes released the latest version of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, 2023x FD02. With it, we see lots of enhancements to everything from the Welcome Dashboard, to Project Planner, and even Standard Part Management. With several improvements to the system, the latest version of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform promises to be the best release yet.


With the latest buzz about new versions of SOLIDWORKS, it’s easy to get confused about some of the basics when it comes to upgrading to a newer version. For instance, technically upgrading SOLIDWORKS refers to moving major versions like 2017 to 2018, while updating refers to service pack changes. We will use this convention throughout this article.

3DEXPERIENCE Design Jul 15, 2022

3DEXPERIENCE Platform 2022x FD03 has some exciting new enhancements. Those featured in this article are some of my personal favorites; however, a complete list of updates can be found on the public platform

3DEXPERIENCE Design Jun 14, 2022

In this post, I highlight my favorite enhancements in the recent 2022X FD02 release of 3DEXPERIENCE. These are my personal favorites, but the complete list of 3DEXPERIENCE platform uodates can be found hereAs a huge fan of customizing SOLIDWORKS to work for you, I am always on the lookout for ways to simplify my design process with quick UI changes. Most recently, there is a new Lifecycle and Collaboration category within the customization dialog. 




Before beginning the download and installation process, make sure the computer you are planning to install SOLIDWORKS onto meets the minimum system requirements. You will need a reliable internet connection as well as the 24-digit serial number you received from GoEngineer. (Note: The SolidNetWork License Manager version MUST be equal to or newer than the SOLIDWORKS version installed on client/local systems).