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SOLIDWORKS Training Jan 03, 2019
Did you know that SOLIDWORKS has certifications that you, as a customer, can take? These certifications can cover everything from 3D CAD, Simulation, Project Data Management (PDM), Technical Communication, Electrical, Collaboration, and Manufacturing. And will help you become more efficient, create more robust designs, and set yourself apart from other users in the SOLIDWORKS community.
Customer Stories Nov 20, 2018
Traffic – the bane of our existence. It is the reason some people choose against working in the city or working in any urban environment if they can. Traffic can turn a great mood into a sour one. Think of that one day that you got out of the door ahead of time, and while you celebrate your small sparkle of time-management success, traffic finds a way to vomit all over that.
What is a waterfall feature? I’m not talking about a tropical vacation. When we talk about a SOLIDWORKS waterfall feature, we’re referring to features that were previously included in higher packages, such as SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, and then, as we pack more capabilities in the tool over time, and as the capability becomes more ‘mainstream’, these features sometimes move into a lower package, such as SOLIDWORKS Standard.
Let’s talk about your SOLIDWORKS network license and debunk those myths with facts. Which one of these 5 are you guilty of believing? Myth #1. You accidentally received extra licenses: Not true. Only once in 5 years have I seen SOLIDWORKS write an incorrect license file.