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SOLIDWORKS Training Apr 27, 2020
What if you could learn SOLIDWORKS without having to leave work for a few days? Or better yet, without having to leave your house? Well, we at GoEngineer have provided two different options for you to do this: virtual classroom and self-paced. Check out this article to learn more about these options.
SOLIDWORKS Training Mar 26, 2019
With all of the SOLIDWORK Training Classes available at GoEngineer, we instructors tend to accumulate many training manuals.The spiral-bound manuals in my library shelves stack fine, though I find myself pulling several manuals until I find the one I am looking for. I decided that I needed to come up with a way to label these manuals so they can be easily identified.
SOLIDWORKS Training Mar 01, 2019
Ryan has been in the GoEngineer technical support team since February 2008 where he most notably provides support for all FEA and CFD software offered by SolidWorks. His most recent accolade is the title of Elite Application Engineer awarded by SolidWorks Corp.
SOLIDWORKS Training Jan 03, 2019
Did you know that SOLIDWORKS has certifications that you, as a customer, can take? These certifications can cover everything from 3D CAD, Simulation, Project Data Management (PDM), Technical Communication, Electrical, Collaboration, and Manufacturing. And will help you become more efficient, create more robust designs, and set yourself apart from other users in the SOLIDWORKS community.