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There are two ways to create Stress-Strain Curves in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, an “easy” way and a “custom” way. In this article, we will discuss each of those processes. Regardless of which method you use, the information gained can be inputted by the user for however many rows are needed using various unit types.

There have been a few changes to how SOLIDWORKS handles Remote Loads. In this article, we discuss Remote Loads in SOLIDWORKS Simulation, how it has changed, and what makes it such a useful tool.

In this walkthrough, we go over how to modify CAD geometry for Shell Elements, focusing on Framework in SOLIDWORKS SimulationWhen using framework, it is often part of a larger assembly; and trying to mesh a large assembly can bring your PC to its knees with all the required processing power. 



CAMWorks Feb 02, 2022

In CAMWorks, the Air Segment Offset number is a value that allows us to adjust how far off the part the tool can go. This is often used primarily in Slot Features and Part Perimeter Features. Air Segment Offset is located within the Operation Parameter’s tab under the Feature Options.



Scanto3D, an add-in available in both SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium, is a great tool to use if you want to scan an existing part to obtain the mesh for better 3D model creation. Used in a variety of industries such as consumer products, machine design, and medical design, Scanto3D is capable of creating organically shaped objects for reference and representation quickly and easily. 



The Combine feature in SOLIDWORKS is a great tool used most often in surface modeling as it allows you to take molds of created parts for mold operations. It is also useful when creating negative spaces for a part to fit into to show where an item might reside in an assembly.


In this guide, we'll show how to mirror parts in SOLIDWORKS using two different methods. The first method stores a mirrored version of the same part. The second method creates a derived part, using the mirror part command. With the SOLIDWORKS part you want to mirror open, create a configuration and give it a name. In this instance, we will call it LH (Left Hand).



If you need to display the threads on a hole in SOLIDWORKS, what is the best way? Cosmetic Threads! Cosmetic Threads is an annotation that allows thread location to be displayed without taxing your graphics card. Rather than render all of the surfaces of the thread profile, a graphical image of the thread is applied instead. In this article, learn where Cosmetic Threads in SOLIDWORKS are located, when and where to use them, and how to display them.   


Have you ever opened SOLIDWORKS to find that the CAMWorks or SOLIDWORKS CAM icons were missing from the CommandManager or greyed out? This tutorial explains how to fix that by performing an icon reset. When this happens, it seems like all of the tool icons are missing (save one or two) or the icons are completely greyed out, thus impossible to use.