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There are times when we need to know exactly what the last version of a file for SOLIDWORKS was saved in. This isn't easily found unless you know how to set it up. In this SOLIDWORKS tutorial, we'll show you how.  This process will help ensure that files are opened and saved in the correct release to prevent file version issues. Generally, this is used in a multi-year version setup. 


Did you know you can compare non-Excel-based BOM's (Bill of Materials) in SOLIDWORKS? The BOM Compare tool is helpful to those who have multiple versions of an assembly and require the ability to compare the difference between two BOMs at a time. The Compare tool is located under Tools>Compare>BOM. Once open, you can select the Referenced Document and the Modified Document.
Have you needed to find a certain function while working on a SOLIDWORKS model but couldn't remember its location? Save time by finding the function's location in the search bar. The search bar is located on the top left of the interface. If you do not see the search option, select the drop-down next to the magnifying glass and select from there.
Hyper Threading is a technology developed by Intel® that enables a computer’s CPU to execute multiple streams of instructions at the same time. Hyper threading can significantly improve performance for some tasks, but it can also be detrimental to others.