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SOLIDWORKS Inspection Sep 19, 2023

Getting an Inspection drawing set up so that the inspector can clearly interpret it is vital. One way SOLIDWORKS Inspection can help is by creating sub-balloons. In this tutorial, we explain how to do so in the Standalone interface.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Sep 06, 2022

In this tutorial, learn the steps required to add Custom Properties to a SOLIDWORKS Inspection project. In order for this information to show in the exported Excel report from the project file, we need to add the Custom Property to the project and link that property to the Excel template file being used to export the information from SOLIDWORKS Inspection. 

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Jan 19, 2022

No matter the manufacturing process used to produce parts, it’s essential to monitor and verify part geometries to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your products. Here we'll see how SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 helps with this process. 


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Mar 05, 2021

In Excel, Conditional Formatting can be used to customize a SOLIDWORKS Inspection report template to highlight values that are within the determined specifications with a certain color (typically green). This formatting can also show values that fall out of the specified range in red or another color. 



In this three-part blog series, we’ve been discussing SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Inspection and, most importantly, using them together in harmony. In our scenario, our CAD revision control process has had extraordinary success with the use of SOLIDWORKS PDM and now we want that same success for the quality team using SOLIDWORKS Inspection. In part one, we uncovered the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Inspection as an add-in, as a standalone, and the ins and outs of SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional.



Bringing together two SOLIDWORKS tools can result in tremendous improvements to your overall workflow and business potential. However, the road to utopia can often be bumpy or, quite frankly, confusing. Just say your CAD revision control process is flourishing thanks to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and now you want that same success for your quality team with the help of SOLIDWORKS Inspection.


Say you use SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to manage your 3D CAD revision control process, and you recently purchased SOLIDWORKS Inspection for your Quality team. In order to start leveraging SOLIDWORKS Inspection and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional with your inspection process, you must first understand that planning is key. Here, we will first discuss what capabilities are available within SOLIDWORKS Inspection and how they can be incorporated with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. 


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Jan 08, 2018
SOLIDWORKS Inspection uses special fonts to create many of the symbols used in detailed drawings. These special fonts are already installed as part of the process for an Inspection user. When reports are exported, the Excel templates use these special fonts to show the proper values in the characteristics column.
SOLIDWORKS Inspection Apr 27, 2016

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Professional allows users to import CMM data reports via XML files. Using the proper template control, the CMM data will be organized and can be read into the measurement inputs. Auto-assigning allows the user to have the CMM data read into the proper character and multiple CMM data files can be read at once.