Could Not Obtain a License for SOLIDWORKS CAM Error

Article by Jonathan Sauerbrey on Mar 10, 2023

If you start SOLIDWORKS and encounter the message Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORSK CAM. Error: Invalid block name (-5,147,0), here are a few considerations. 

SOLIDWORKS Error: Could Not Obtain a License for SOLIDWORKS CAM Error: Invalid Block Name

If you do NOT need to use SOLIDWORKS CAM, then after SOLIDWORKS launches, go to Tools Add-Ins, clear both checkboxes next to SOLIDWORKS CAM, and select OK.


If you DO need to use SOLIDWORKS CAM, then: 

  • On the server that manages the SOLIDWORKS licenses, open the SolidNetWork License Manager Server > select the Server Administration tab > Modify… > Activate/Reactivate… > Next. If you see a checkbox for A firewall is in use on this server, select the checkbox and select Next. Once you reach the window that lists the serial numbers, select Select All (etc.) > Next > Finish. See How to reactivate your SNL for more details.
  • While on the server, search for and open up Services. Select the SolidNetWork License Manager service. Select Stop to stop the service. Select Start to start the service.
  • On the client machine, retest.

After having reactivated the serial number and stopped and started the ‘SolidNetWork License Manager’ service on the server, if the 'Could not obtain a license for SOLIDWORKS CAM Invalid block name…' error message still appears on a client machine, then your company might not have updated the license subscription. If GoEngineer is your reseller and you wish to inquire about the subscription status of a license, then please feel free to reach out to us via or 888-559-6167.

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