Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials

Article by Taran Packer on Nov 12, 2021

Did you know that your SOLIDWORKS Simulation software comes with FREE tutorials? You can open the models used in these tutorials and follow along with the step-by-step instructions in SOLIDWORKS. This guide explains how to access these free SOLIDWORKS Simulation tutorials and the models that go with them. 

Where are my free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials located? 

  1. Open SOLIDWORKS and look for the little question mark icon in the upper right-hand side of your screen (This is for SOLIDWORKS 2020 users and above).
  2. Click on the Tutorials button to open the SOLIDWORKS free tutorials.

Accessing Your Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials for 2020 and 2021

Accessing Your Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials for Versions 2020 and 2021

For SOLIDWORKS 2019 and Older

  1. Click on the Help menu button. 
  2. Click on SOLIDWORKS Tutorials to open the free SOLIDWORKS tutorials. 

    Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials for Version 2019 and older

    Accessing SOLIDWORKS Tutorials 2019 and Older

    After clicking on the Tutorials button, your screen will split and will look like this. 
    1. Click on the Go to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials button.

      Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials Within SOLIDWORKS
      Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tutorials In SOLIDWORKS

      You will find the basic Static Analysis SOLIDWORKS Simulation tutorials under the Simulation in SOLIDWORKS Premium button, which should be active by default. 

      1. Click on the Simulation tutorial that you would like to learn. If you are an absolute beginner, I suggest clicking on the Analysis of a Part tutorial and going through it first.

        Simulation in SOLIDWORKS Premium Tutorials

        Once in the tutorial, you have several choices as to how to proceed. 

        1. After you are done with a page, click on the link under NEXT TOPIC to move forward in the tutorial. 
        2. If you missed something and need to go back to the tutorial, click the link under the PREVIOUS TOPIC to go back. 
        3. On the second page of every tutorial, you will find a Click here button. This will load up the SOLIDWORKS tutorial model in your open SOLIDWORKS screen, where you can manipulate it and follow along with the tutorial. 
          1. Note: I have found that sometimes this Click here does not always work. I suggest you follow the pathway provided on this page to open the SOLIDWORKS tutorial models in your C-drive. 
        4. Here is the pathway to open the SOLIDWORKS tutorial models in your computer's C-drive.

          Free SOLIDWORKS Tutorials and CAD Models

          Go to this location on your C-drive to find these SOLIDWORKS Files. 
          1. Open a File Explorer and browse to the following location: C-drive>Users>Public>Public Document>SOLIDWORKS>SOLIDWORKS(Version you are using)>samples>Simulation Examples. 
          2. Find the file you want to open to follow along with the tutorial here. For this specific example, we would be opening up the tutor1 SOLIDWORKS part file.

            Free Tutorials in SOLIDWORKS with CAD Models

          3. I suggest you copy the whole Simulation Examples folder to another location on your local hard drive so that you can make whatever changes you want to without changing the original files. 

            Free SOLIDWORKS Simulation CAD Models and Tutorials

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