Patch Abaqus with the Latest Hot Fix

Article by Bilal Abdul Halim on Apr 01, 2024

After installing Abaqus Golden, you are now ready to patch Abaqus with the latest hot fix.

Download Hot Fix

Hot fixes can be downloaded from

Dassault Systèmes continues to release updates to Abaqus throughout the year. That is what “SIMULIA Abaqus 2024.FP.CFA.####” is in the Level menu. At the time of writing, 2405 (5th week of 2024) is the latest patch. All prior patches are included when you install the latest, so you can ignore previous ones. You can pick and choose which parts of the update you want to install. If you just want to update Abaqus, go with Part_SIMULIA_EstPrd. Be sure to choose WIN64 if you’re on Windows or Linux64 if you’re on Linux. 

Install Hot Fix

Once downloaded, extract the archive then navigate to 1\Software. There will be two other directories:

  • CAASIMULIA_EstPrd.HFX.Windows64
  • SIMULIA_EstPrd.HFX.Windows64

With X being the hotfix number. This is an important step as it needs to be performed in the correct order:

  1. First, go into directory SIMULIA_EstPrd.HFX.Windows64\1, run setup.exe, and follow the installation.
  2. After that is completed, navigate to the second directory CAASIMULIA_EstPrd.HFX.Windows64\1, run setup.exe, and follow the installation. 

How to Patch Abaqus with the Latest Hot Fix

We hope you found this article explaining how to patch Abaqus with the latest hot fix helpful. Learn more about Abaqus below.

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