How to Rotate and Customize a SOLIDWORKS Drawing View

Article by GoEngineer on Nov 22, 2017

There are several ways to customize your SOLIDWORKS drawing view. In this article, we'll show you three ways that are quick and easy:

  • Rotate view
  • Create a view
  • Create a custom view

Rotate View

In the tool palette shown below, there is a Rotate View Tool highlighted in yellow.

This tool allows you to rotate all your views at once or to rotate a single view.

This method only allows you to rotate the view(s) on the plane which they are on but by any increment you wish.

Rotate View Option in SOLIDWORKS

When the Rotate View Tool is selected, a popup dialog box appears:

SOLIDWORKS Rotate View Tool

Since we have not selected any view, everything is greyed out.

If you select the main view, it will rotate all the views together.

Before Rotate:

Before Example of Rotate SOLIDWORKS Drawing View

After Rotate:

After Example of Rotate SOLIDWORKS Drawing View

If you want to rotate one View individually, uncheck the Dependent views update to change in orientation.

SOLIDWORKS Rotate Drawing View Options

Make sure to click Apply to enable you to make the change.

Rotate Customize SOLIDWORKS Drawing View

Create a View

To create a view of the model as it currently shows in 3D space, you must do the following:

Orient your part or assembly the way you want it.

Go to the drawing.

Go to Insert > Drawing View then Model and select.


The Model View Dialog Box will appear on the left.

SOLIDWORKS Model View Dialog Box

Double right-click on the Model (In my example, it is Test 1). A new Model View box will appear.

Make sure to check the box that says Current Model View under the Orientation area.

Model View Dialog Box in SOLIDWORKS

Drag your current view to the designated spot on your drawing.

Customize SOLIDWORKS Drawings

Create a Custom View

To create a Custom View go to the Part or Assembly.

Rotate your part to the way you wish it to be in the Custom View.

Go to the Red, Blue, and Green X,Y, Z Triad

Hover over one of the axes; it will turn gold.

Right-click and select View Orientation.

Create a Custom View in SOLIDWORKS

The Orientation box will appear. Select the new View Icon as shown below.

Add New View Option in SOLIDWORKS

The Named View Box will appear. Type what you want the view name to be.

SOLIDWORKS Named View Option

Click OK then in the Orientation box, you will see under Saved Views a new view, your Custom View.

Click the Save icon to the right as shown.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Orientation Saved Views

The dialog box will disappear.

Then follow steps in number 2 Create a View.

The only difference will be you will have another option to choose from in the Model View Dialog Box in the Drawing.

It will look like this:

Create View Model View in SOLIDWORKS

Make sure that your named Custom View is checked. Adjust the scale if necessary. then place the view.

SOLIDWORKS Drawing Custom View

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