What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2022: Graphics and User Experience

Article by GoEngineer on Oct 05, 2021

In this sneak peek, we take a look at SOLIDWORKS 2022 user experience enhancements and graphics updates that are bound to have your parts created faster while looking amazing in no time. 

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In SOLIDWORKS 2022, documents are now automatically resolved if there have been any graphical or appearance changes. This is regardless of any feature changes, so you can be confident that your components will appear correctly. 

With the addition of texture features in previous releases, SOLIDWORKS 2022 has improved the performance responsiveness of these textures, enabling users to apply textures with more parts in their design. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Add Textures

SOLIDWORKS 2022 introduces the concept of texture-based cosmetic threads. These new threads look awesome and are easier to identify as threaded components. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Texture-based Cosmetic Threads

This new cosmetic thread applies to both the Hole Wizard feature and the new Stud Wizard. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Hole Wizard for Cosmetic Threads

User Experience

New to SOLIDWORKS 2022 are some thoughtful user interface enhancements. Command search is now available directly on the S-key shortcut menu.

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Command Search

It will even show you where the function is if it's already on your toolbar. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Command Locator

Coordinate Systems have been redesigned so that you can place them absolutely anywhere. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Coordinate Systems

The new 'Q' shortcut key reveals all of the reference geometry that's hidden. Coordinate systems can also be used for mates, section views, and more. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Hidden Reference Geometry Shortcut

Message bubbles enhance the user experience in tools and options and the Dismissed Messages UI is much clearer and cleaner. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Message Bubbles

Finally, the powerful Pack and Go tool now has a progress bar, so you'll know how long the process is going to take. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 Pack and Go Progress Bar

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