SOLIDWORKS Multiple Mates Quick Tip

Article by Adam Lundgren on Jul 09, 2024

In SOLIDWORKS, Multiple Mates is a useful shortcut that can save a bit of time when making several mates to a single reference. Whether there is a need to align pieces of a collapsing telescope or syringe, or to make a surface on multiple parts coincident to each other, Multiple Mates streamlines the process of adding those mates. And like many tools within SOLIDWORKS, it is intuitive and user-friendly.

Multiple Mates SOLIDWORKS Tutorial

Using Multiple Mates in SOLIDWORKS

Multiple Mates can be found in the Mates tool in an assembly. In the Mate PropertyManager menu, select the SmartMates button to activate it. 

How to Access Multiple Mates Tool in SOLIDWORKS 

The first selection is the reference that the rest of the references selected will be mated to. From there, selecting additional references will add the appropriate mate to that reference.  

Common Mate Entity SOLIDWORKS

Occasionally, the mate will be aligned incorrectly. If noticed right away, selecting the alignment buttons will realign that mate, but selecting the mate later and flipping alignment will work just as well.  

Realign Mates in SOLIDWORKS

Linking Mates

If the selections are confirmed, Multiple Mates will add each of those mates which can be found again in the Mates folder. However, in this instance, we will want to come back to this set of mates and edit them all together again in the Multiple Mates selection window. To make this simple to do as well as cleaning up the mate folder, the Create multi-mate folder option will be selected. 

Linking Mates in SOLIDWORKS

Now when we confirm these mates, a subfolder in our Mates folder has been added that contains each of these associated mates. 

Subfolder in SOLIDWORKS Mates Folder

An additional option exists for dimension mates that links the value of each of the dimensions, so they are all the same value. This is located just below the Create multi-mate folder option.


After confirming each of the references that Multiple Mates will add, the general form of the assembly has taken shape and the remaining mates can be added in short order.

Working with Multiple Mates in SOLIDWORKS

I hope you found this SOLIDWORKS quick tip describing Multiple Mates helpful. Check out more tutorials below. Additionally, join the GoEngineer Community to participate in the conversation, create forum posts, and answer questions from other SOLIDWORKS users. 




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