Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List

Article by Enrico Tolentino on Dec 05, 2020

The  SOLIDWORKS PDM  Task List provides an overview of tasks inside the vault where an Administrator can do the following:

  • View completed tasks
  • View pending tasks
  • Run a task
  • Run a task on a batch of files
  • View task errors 

SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List Location

The  Task List  is within the  Tasks  node.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List Location

Within the Task List window, the  Pending tasks  will show tasks that are in the process of being executed or waiting to be executed.

Pending Tasks SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List

When a task is pending, you can  Suspend Resume , or  Cancel  that task by right-clicking on the task.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List Benefits

The  Completed tasks  show which tasks have finished.

Completed Tasks in SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List

Selecting  Options  in the Task List window will allow you to customize which Successful and Failed tasks to keep. 

SOLIDWORKS PDM Task List Options

Tasks can also be launched manually in the Task List window by selecting  Add Task.. ., rather than through the local view or a transition. 

Add Task to SOLIWORKS PDM Task List

Select which task to run from the dropdown menu, then select  OK .

Select Task to Launch in SOLIDWORKS PDM

You can choose  Add Files  or  Add Folder  to have the task run on. Add Files will let you select individual files, whereas Add Folder will allow you to select whole folders.

Add Files and Add Folders in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Browse the vault and select the files or folders on which you want to run the task, then select  Open


The following window will show your selected files. You can add more files or folders to the list by selecting  Add Files…  or  Add Folder . When you are finished, select  OK

Select Files and Folders for Convert SOLIDWORKS PDM

The SOLIDWORKS PDM Tasks List can be very helpful in administrating tasks inside the vault.


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