SOLIDWORKS Table Templates

Article by Martin Adams on Jan 24, 2024

In SOLIDWORKS, tables are used to annotate drawings and assemblies. Their appearance can be driven by a company standard, personal preference, or to clarify information. A table template helps maintain consistency and avoid customizing tables for each use. Here, we will take a look at the tools available and how to use a customized table template in SOLIDWORKS.

Types of Tables in SOLIDWORKS 

  • Bill of Materials (SOLIDWORKS and Excel-based)
  • Revision Tables
  • Hole Tables
  • Weldment Cut Lists
  • Design Table Configurations (no template)
  • General Tables
  • Title Block Tables
  • Weld Tables
  • Bend Tables
  • Punch Tables
  • General Tolerance Tables (no template)

Except for Design Tables and the General Tolerance Tables, a template can be defined for every table.

The template is the table layout. It contains headings and formatting, but not actual table contents. The template only stores what belongs in the columns.

The table PropertyManager remembers the last used template. 

There is one notable exception regarding the Bill of Materials. The supplied template, bom-standard.sldbomtbt, returns as the default template each time a Bill of Materials table is created unless it is renamed. This is intended behavior and no setting exists to change that. To have the PropertyManager remember the last used template, rename the bom-standard.sldbomtbt to another name. From there, the last used table template will be the default.

Where Are SOLIDWORKS Table Templates Located?

Table templates are stored in the path set in the file location options; meaning that template locations can be organized and stored based on personal preference. Some users prefer to have them all in the same location, while others would rather have a distributed scheme with multiple folders. 

To update the folder locations, in SOLIDWORKS, click Options Gear Options Icon in SOLIDWORKS File Locations.

Under Show folders for, select:

  • Bend Table Template
  • BOM Templates
  • Hole Table Templates
  • Punch Table Template
  • Revision Table Templates
  • Weldment Cut List Templates
  • Title Block Table Template
  • Weld Table Template

Click Add, browse to a folder, and click OK. An unused path can also be deleted here.

Creating a Custom Table Template

To create a custom table template:

  1. Insert a table into a drawing.
  2. Customize the table. Below is an example.

    Example of a Custom SOLIDWORKS Table Template

  3. Right-click in the table and select Save As.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, type in the template name, browse to a folder and click Save.

Create Custom Table Templates in SOLIDWORKS

Formatting Table Template Text

When you insert a table using a supplied template and select the table or a portion of it, you will see a formatting toolbar appear. This is like the built-in formatting toolbar. (Shown for comparison)

A key difference is that SOLIDWORKS automatically selects the button for using the default document font.

When inserting a table using a supplied template and selecting the table or a portion of it, a formatting toolbar will appear. This is like the built-in formatting toolbar (shown for comparison). A key difference is that SOLIDWORKS automatically selects the button for using the default document font. 

SOLIDWORKS Formatting Table Template Text

This sets the text format of the table to the settings of the document defined in the drafting standard.

Formatting Table Template Text in SOLIDWORKS

Turning the document font selection off in the toolbar displays the font settings in the toolbar. 

The available options depend on the type of table being edited, the cursor position when opening the toolbar, and the method used to open the toolbar. 

Click a table cell, row, or column, and this toolbar will appear:

SOLIDWORKS Toolbar Table Templates

Double-click a table cell, row, or column to see this toolbar instead:

Double-Click Toolbar for SOLIDWORKS Table Templates

By default, the software places the table editing toolbar above the upper-left corner of the table. While you can drag a toolbar to reposition it, the toolbar remains in position as long as you’re editing the table. 

Use the table cell, row, or column toolbars to format Bill of Materials, Hole Tables, Revision Tables, Weld Tables, or Weldment Cut Lists. 

After customizing a table, remember to save it for use in other documents.

What Does the Table Template Control?

Options available on both toolbars

  • Font formatting: Click Use document font Font Formatting SOLIDWORKS Icon to change the font format. Apply the formatting to selected rows, columns, or to the entire table.
  • Horizontal paragraph justification: Aligns text to the cell. Click Left Align Align Left SOLIDWORKS Icon Center Align Align Center Icon in SOLIDWORKS , or Right Align  Align Right Icon in SOLIDWORKS .
  • Vertical paragraph justification: Aligns text to the cell. Click Top Align Top Align in SOLIDWORKS , Middle Align Middle Align Icon in SOLIDWORKS , or Bottom Align Bottom Align Icon in SOLIDWORKS .
  • All uppercase: Select All uppercase All Uppercase Icon in SOLIDWORKS to specify all characters in a selected table cell, row, column, or entire table to be uppercase.
  • Fit text: Fit Text Icon in SOLIDWORKS Toggles fitting the text to the cell.
  • Merge Cells: Merge Cells Icon in SOLIDWORKS Merges adjacent cells.
  • Unmerge a Cell: Unmerge Cells Icon in SOLIDWORKS Splits the selected cell.
  • Equation: Equation Symbol in SOLIDWORKS The Equations button launches a wizard to help create formulas that manipulate available data. This lets you set up an equation in a cell.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Cell Padding: Vertical and Horizontal Cell Padding in SOLIDWORKS Horizontal and vertical cell padding values.
  • Column Property: Column Property SOLIDWORKS Icon Opens the Column Properties menu for BOMs. Other table column properties are listed in the appropriate PropertyManager:
    • Revision Table Column PropertyManager
    • Hole Table Column PropertyManager
    • Weldment Cut List Column PropertyManager
  • Hide/Show: Hide/Show Icon in SOLIDWORKS Hide or show rows or columns. The pointer changes to SOLIDOWRKS Hide/Show Icon with Cursor , to select rows or columns to hide or show. When selecting the tool, any rows or columns that are currently hidden, are highlighted in blue.
  • Table Header Top Table Header Top Icon in SOLIDWORKS and Table Header Bottom Table Header Bottom Icon in SOLIDWORKS : Positions the table header above or below the rows.

Formatting Tools in SOLIDWORKS for Customizing Table Templates

Double-click options

Select these options when opening the toolbar by double-clicking once in a table cell, row, or column:

  • Link to Property: Link to Property Icon in SOLIDWORKS Links the value of a document property to the table row.
  • Insert DimXpert general profile tolerance: Insert DimXpert General Profile Tolerance Icon in SOLIDWORKS Inserts a general profile tolerance in a cell.
  • Add Symbol: Add Symbol Icon in SOLIDWORKS Add symbols such as spherical diameter or plus/minus (±) to text-based table cell entries.
  • Color: Change Text Color Icon in SOLIDWORKS Opens the Edit Line Color dialog box to change the color of selected table text.
  • Stack Formatting: Stack Formatting Icon in SOLIDWORKS Opens the Stack Note dialog box to add, edit, and format stacked text.
  • Insert Bullet: Insert Bullet List Icon in SOLIDWORKS Inserts a bulleted list.
  • Insert Numbering: Insert Numbered List Icon in SOLIDWORKS Inserts a numbered list.
  • Increase indent: Increase Indent in SOLIDWORKS Moves the selected text to the right.
  • Decrease Indent: Decrease Indent in SOLIDWORKS Moves the selected text to the left.
  • Paragraph Properties: Paragraph Properties Icon in SOLIDWORKS Tables Icon Opens the Paragraph Properties dialog box to format table text, including paragraph indentation, paragraph and line spacing, bullets, and numbering.

Double-Click Toolbar Options Explained in SOLIDWORKS

Using a Custom Template

When inserting a table, under Table Template in the PropertyManager, click Open table template Open Table Template Icon in SOLIDWORKS .                     .

In the Select Template dialog box, browse to a template for this table type, and click Open.

Note the SOLIDWORKS document option for inserted table behavior.

SOLIDWORKS Document Properties - Tables Options

Use template settings: Overrides a table's Document Properties with the settings of an imported template.

When selected:

  • New tables use the template settings.
  • The Use document settings option in the PropertyManager is cleared.

When cleared:

  • New tables use the document settings of the respective table type.
  • The Use document settings option in the PropertyManager is selected. You can modify the settings in Document Properties - Tables.

If you encounter strange behavior with table fonts, check this setting. It is a part of the Document Properties and will be initially set by the document template. If needed, edit the template to adjust the setting going forward.

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