Updating the SOLIDWORKS Routing Database

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 30, 2014

The SOLIDWORKS Routing add-in is interconnected by a database that links the library variables such as pipe schedule, pressure ratings, size, wires, connectors, and the associative connections/fittings. 

When updating any of the pipes, tubes, components, or fittings, the database needs updating to sync new or changed information.

How to Update the Routing Database

  1. Make the appropriate changes needed, such as adding a configuration to a pipe or electrical component. New and changed components need to be placed in an existing Routing library folder.
  2. Click Okay to the confirmation dialog box.
  3. Navigate to Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS(year) > SOLIDWORKS Tools> Routing Library Manager. (I recommend pinning it to your start bar for future use).

    SOLIDWORKS Tools Routing Library

  4. Select Piping and Tubing Database from the selections.

    SOLIDWORKS Routing Library Manager

  5. When the Database Dialog box has opened, choose Import Data.

    SOLIDWORKS Routing Database Update

  6. A dialog box shows what is going to be synchronized.

    Import SOLIDWORKS Routing Data

  7. Select Synchronize to begin the process.
  8. If you do not have the SOLIDWORKS 3D application running, you will be asked to do so. SOLIDWORKS files have to be accessed and updated. This can only happen if SOLIDWORKS is open.
  9. The database will scan all of the parts within the Routing library locations listed in the Library Manager and find changes that are not in the database, and synchronize to match.

You now have an up-to-date database and are ready to route pipes, tunes, and wires!

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