Using the DraftSight Split Tool

Article by Dennis Barnes on Feb 17, 2023

I continue to be amazed by how simple it is to transition the creation of 2D drawings from AutoCAD to DraftSight. Most of the command line shortcuts are translatable from one platform to the other, and the workflow is almost identical.

For instance, typing “Break” in the command window will show as BREAK (SPLIT). This command is particularly useful for adding spacing around drawing items or splitting an entity at a specific location. This allows you to change the line style or layer of an entity’s segment or adjust it independently.

Split Into Segments 

To use the DraftSight Split tool to create two segments from one line, type split and select the position on the entity to be split. Type @ to repeat the same point and the line will be split at that point.

DraftSight Split Command Split into Segments

Split to Remove Segments

The default behavior of the DraftSight Split command removes a segment as specified by the first and second position selected on the sketch entity.

DraftSight Split Tool to Remove Segments

Split Using Another Entity

To use one entity to split another, use the M for multiple option. The segment won’t be removed but may be converted to a different line style.

DraftSight Split Tool Split Using Another Entity

Give the DraftSight Split tool a try when working on your next drawing. It will certainly help to provide focus and clarity to your document.

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