Using SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates Command

Article by GoEngineer on Jan 04, 2016

The SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates command is useful for mating parts that need to be centered with each other. 

Profile Center Mate automatically center-aligns geometric profiles to each other and fully defines the components.

Using this command is very easy. The only restriction is the mating features need to be flat surfaces. In this example, I have three parts. The mate is located in the Advanced Mates section.

SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates Command Location

Select the features that are to be mated.

Using SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates Command

Select the Profile Center option on the Advanced Mates and the parts are automatically oriented together based on their centers.

Profile Center Mates in SOLIDWORKS

There are also plenty of options for the way the parts are mated. The features don’t have to be the end of the parts. As long as it is a flat, rectangular, or circular surface, it can be used. 

SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates Command Example

The Orientation option is very functional as well. You can rotate the second item of the mate in 90° increments in either direction.

SOLIDWORKS Profile Center Mates Command Tutorial

In summary, take a look and play with this functionality. It is very unique in the way it works and can become very handy when you need it.

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