Accessing the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

Article by GoEngineer on Jul 26, 2018

The SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal serves as a great access point between you and the SOLIDWORKS software. It allows you access to the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS, but it also serves as your headquarters to learning resources, SOLIDWORKS user forums, and more. 

Important Note: If you're a GoEngineer customer, you can access all of these features and more from my.goengineer, the GoEngineer Customer portal that was launched in November 2021. Customers can access tech support cases, manage users, assets, and more. Learn more about this portal here

Access to the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal can be made at or by logging in from the main SOLIDWORKS website. Before you can log in for the first time, you will need to create a SOLIDWORKS ID if you do not have one (Green Arrow) or by using your current SOLIDWORKS ID and password (Green Box).

Accessing the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

While creating your SOLIDWORKS ID, you will be asked to input your serial number:

Input your SOLIDWORKS Serial Number

Adding a serial number on active subscription will give you access to many of the features inside the Customer Portal such as: Downloads and Updates, Knowledgebase, CAD Admin Dash board, Enhancement Requests, Service Requests, and more.

My Support

This area of the Customer Portal gives you access to the Knowledge Base, Enhancement Requests, SRs, SPRs, ERs, and a list of your products.

  • Knowledge Base – A place where SOLIDWORKS has a list of troubleshooting techniques, common questions, known bugs, and other helpful information.
  • SRs – Service Requests are problems that we have submitted to SOLIDWORKS for you.
  • SPRs – Bugs that are reproducible issues that SOLIDWORKS takes into consideration for future updates of the software.
  • ERs – Enhancement Requests are things that you would like to see improved or added into SOLIDWORKS in future releases.
  • Register My Products – This is where you can add more serial numbers to your SOLIDWORKS ID. For example, this is where you would add a MySOLIDWORKS Pro license.


This area will give you access to downloads of current of prior years’ versions of SOLIDWORKS as well as links to other useful resources.


This area has links to helpful information about learning and using SOLIDWORKS.


This area has links to help keep you engaged in the SOLIDWORKS community. With your SOLIDWORKS ID you’ll be able to access the Solidworks forums to post questions and interact with other SOLIDWORKS users. You’ll also gain access to MySolidworks that has resources such as lessons and tutorials where you’ll be able to learn more about the software.

SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Self Service

Locked Out?

Some areas of the website are only available to customers on an active subscription. If you sign into the Customer Portal and see locks next to a few of the options, you will need to reregister a serial number by clicking on Register My Products. This may occur if you have been inactive in your SOLIDWORKS ID for too long of a period.

Locked out SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

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