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3D Printing Apr 06, 2021

Exciting news from Stratasys dropped this week when they announced that they will offer a new technology called SAF (pronounced as a word) that stands for Selective Absorption Fusion. (Yes, we know what you're thinking, another acronym to remember.) If you're familiar with additive technology, it might ring a bell, but if not, no need to worry. Let's take a look at SAF from Stratasys.


3D Printing Jan 12, 2021
In a recent Insight course, I had my students open, slice, and run toolpaths on an STL file that I hand-picked specifically because I knew the automated toolpaths would need to be manually optimized. As I worked along with them, I couldn't help but notice that their toolpaths, unlike mine, needed virtually no adjustments. As it turns out, I wasn't using the latest version of Insight.
3D Printing FDM Oct 07, 2020
My colleague Tyler recently picked up a C4 Corvette. As with any 'new-to-you' car, there are a few customary 'performance checks' to conduct prior to day-to-day driving. During one of these routine performance checks (rumored to be a parking lot donut), the gas pedal experienced abnormal sideload and stress, ultimately causing a failure in the gas pedal hinge.
3D Printing FDM May 14, 2020
3D printing has hit mainstream. 80% of enterprises report that 3D printing is enabling them to innovate faster. 50% of those enterprises are actively using 3D printing in production, and 70% of those enterprises found new applications for 3D printing in the last year according to Forbes. Adopting 3D printing into your manufacturing process is now easier than ever because advanced engineering or manufacturing backgrounds aren’t required and getting up and running involves little to no training.
3D Printing FDM Apr 16, 2020
COVID-19 has affected us all by now, either directly or indirectly. And, companies have had to adapt quickly to the changing economic landscape. Our company has shifted to a digital/virtual platform. And, I’m happy to report that people in our industry are built for rapid change. They are also anxious to prove 3D printers are far beyond the early adoption stage.
3D Printing PolyJet Jan 21, 2020
Articles from the beginning of the decade were filled with the promise of industry breakthroughs and predicted 3D printers as a household item. Since then, we’ve seen the technology revolutionize a multitude of industries; but are advances in medical 3D printing meeting the expectations set 20 years ago? The short answer – yes. And it’s more incredible than you could ever imagine.
3D Printing Tutorials Aug 07, 2019
In my first month working with GoEngineer I have been surprised that so many of our prospective customers already love 3D printing and have great interest in 3D Printers. They’ve seen 3D printed metal parts, concrete houses, working hearts, and more.