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Have you ever needed to hide or show certain dimensions in a SOLIDWORKS part but wasn't sure how to do it? Believe it or not, this is a relatively simple process. First, check that Hide All Tyles is off (View > Hide/Show > Hide All Types is deselected). Then follow these steps. 


If you need to share SOLIDWORKS Simulation data that is either protected sensitive design information or with someone who can't open SOLIDWORKS files, there are a couple of different options for exporting Simulation study results to other file formats. This can also be very useful for those who don't have the option of sending the full SOLIDWORKS file with the study and results.  


There are a lot of useful perks that are available when your SOLIDWORKS license is on active subscription. One of them is access to the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base through the Customer Portal. You can think of the Knowledge Base as an online library of information about anything SOLIDWORKS. It contains an extensive amount of information related to warnings and errors, the functionality of different parts of the program, etc.
Did you know that you can change the language in SOLIDWORKS without needing to change the language of your system? It's possible and relatively simple. The easiest way to change the language in an existing SOLIDWORKS installation is by tricking SOLIDWORKS into thinking the new language is English. There must be a full installation file set for the wanted language.
Have you ever wanted to use a font in SOLIDWORKS that isn't appearing in the font list? Or have you received a file from an outside source but get this warning when opening the file? Installing the font you want or that is used in a particular file is a fairly simple process. This article will go over tips for how to install and troubleshoot fonts in SOLIDWORKS.
Did you just create a Hole Wizard feature in your SOLIDWORKS part and still aren’t seeing the cosmetic threads? Or are you seeing the cosmetic thread in the part/assembly level but not in the drawing? This article covers all the possibilities of why you might encounter missing cosmetic threads in SOLIDWORKS, why they're hidden, and how to fix them.
What do bearing connectors do? When using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, a bearing connector simulates the support and movement between a housing support and a shaft, without needing a physical bearing component. This is a little different than a bearing fixture.