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Calculating the center of pressure for an object in two dimensions is typically straightforward. Generally, the forces align with the central axis, so the math stays linear. But what about in three dimensions? SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation makes it easy to calculate the center of pressure for an object. And by testing different values, it's simple to validate your answer to ensure accuracy.

In this guide, we discuss a couple of techniques and tools that can be used for SOLIDWORKS Weldments, including modifying corner treatments, adding gussets, and using a Bounding Box. First, let's take a look at how to change the profile at corners where several beams come together. 



Do you experience poor performance when opening, saving, or closing a SOLIDWORKS drawing? There is a particular setting that may be to blame. Include Detailing Mode Data when saving is a setting that affects SOLIDWORKS versions 2020-2023.   

Once an initial Flow project has been completed in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, there is an additional tool we can use to optimize our goals. This is a Parametric Study called Design of Experiments and OptimizationThe Design of Experiments and Optimization study allows us to optimize our design with multiple input variables.


Have you ever had a SOLIDWORKS drawing file showing an old reference, but all the views of that reference were deleted or are no longer in the drawing file? This issue can occur if the original referenced part was left selected in the View Pallete from the Task Pane before the view was deleted.


Have you ever imported a STEP file into SOLIDWORKS and saw the error Encountered invalid record index? This error occurs because SOLIDWORKS found problematic data in the file.

We can sometimes have too many goals in our SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation projects to sweep through a model to see what values we can find from whatever direction they may come from. In the example below, we have a racer wing with multiple goals on the different parts.

The mixing of fluids is a phenomenon that needs to be accurately modeled in order to understand the behavior of the different fluids involved, as well as understanding the rate that the mixing happens. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation allows the use of non-newtonian fluids, gases, real gases, and liquids. For fluid mixing, all of the fluids being mixed must be in the same state. 


Have you ever had a dialog box not appear on your screen, causing SOLIDWORKS to become unresponsive? This can happen for a variety of reasons, including an external monitor being disconnected or even a malfunction in Windows.