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Coloring sketches can be useful for communicating ideas to your team members and increase visibility with layout sketches. For this reason, SOLIDWORKS provides a way to quickly change the color of any sketch from default grey. Sketch Color can be found in the right-click menu of the FeatureManager Design Tree. For this example, I will color vertical structural member sketches in my weldment a different color than horizontal member sketches.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Mar 15, 2021

If SOLIDWORKS Visualize crashes when opening new or existing projects or hangs while initializing at startup, the software may be trying to use the machine’s integrated graphics card instead of the high-performance card. This guide covers the steps needed to resolve this issue.

Have you ever received a SOLIDWORKS warning message that a journal file could not be created? There are a couple of possible reasons we will address in this article. Every time SOLIDWORKS is opened, it creates a journal file that records everything you do in that active session (in the form of code). This is the reason why auto recover can recover your files in the event of a crash.
SOLIDWORKS comes with two premade block libraries for Electrical and Hydraulic schematics. This article outlines how to download and setup file locations to access the blocks from the Design Library. In the Task Pane, click Design Library and expand the SOLIDWORKS Content folder. Click the Blocks folder.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Dec 22, 2020
New to Visualize 2021 is the ability to utilize SOLIDWORKS model configurations. Previously, configurations could be added in Visualize only. Visualize configurations were much like Display States in SOLIDWORKS; only the appearances of the models could change. In Visualize 2021 users can now access their SOLIDWORKS configurations to show geometric changes in a single Visualize project.
eDrawings Dec 03, 2020
If you have eDrawings Professional, you will add markups to your files for collaboration purposes. One of the tools useful for markups is the stamp tool. eDrawings Professional provides several built-in stamps, but did you know there is a way to add custom stamps as well? We will take a look at how to do this.

Applying colors in SOLIDWORKS is an easy thing to do, but not having a full understanding of the different levels in which colors can be applied can lead to much confusion. Colors can be applied to a face, feature, body, and at the overall part level. To apply color in SOLIDWORKS, right-click on any face of a part and chose the Appearances icon.