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When working with SOLIDWORKS assemblies, the Copy with Mates tool can be used when we're inserting several instances of a component using the same mating technique. Copy with Mates allows us to copy a mated component to a new location while bringing the existing mates along with it. Let’s look at a couple of examples of how to get started using this tool.


Knowing how sketch relations affect your SOLIDWORKS model helps reduce errors and unwanted results. The two commonly misunderstood relationships are Pierce and Coincident. It can be challenging to know when to use each relationship because they seem to behave the same way in most situations. In this article, we discuss the difference between the two and why Pierce relationships should always be used for features like sweeps and lofts.

eDrawings Sep 07, 2023

Since SOLIDWORKS 2014 and beyond, eDrawings can animate rotated explode steps in an assembly exploded view. This blog covers the simple steps of adding a rotated step to an existing exploded view and viewing the animation in eDrawingsFor this example, we have a flashlight assembly with an existing exploded view.

In SOLIDWORKS, Direct Editing tools provide the flexibility to modify geometry that does not contain model features, such as an imported STEP, Parasolid, or IGES file. In this guide, we will look at some Direct Editing tools such as Move and Delete Face. To turn on the Direct Editing tab, right-click anywhere on the CommandManager, go to Tabs, then select Direct Editing



In this tutorial, we show how to use the Face Curves command in SOLIDWORKS. Face Curves are sketch entities created in two perpendicular directions along the faces of a model to form a mesh. In this example, we will use Face Curves to examine the model of a container. Face Curves are 3D sketch entities, so we'll start a 3D Sketch from the Sketch Toolbar.



3DEXPERIENCE Design Mar 31, 2023

When creating new revisions in the SOLIDWORKS My Session Task Pane, files will automatically be replaced with the new revision. However, when reference components are revised on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform after the assembly is downloaded, they still appear as the old revision in the Task Pane. This tutorial shows the various ways to update these components with different revisions.


While many users leverage weldments inside of SOLIDWORKS, one of the main challenges is the creation of 3D sketches needed for the layout of structural members. In this tutorial, learn how to use a solid model in SOLIDWORKS to generate and parametrically drive 3D sketches, foregoing the hassle of creating them manually.

Creating splines in SOLIDWORKS is not as easy as creating lines, arcs, and circles. Splines have more controls and settings to help define the desired shape. In this guide, we look at various ways in which we can manipulate spline geometry in SOLIDWORKS.



In this guide, we show how to install SOLIDWORKS add-in liceneses by adding serial numbers to the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager for your purchased SOLIDWORKS add-ins. To add serial numbers to the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager, you will have to perform a Modify installation through the Programs and Features utility in Windows.