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Recently, SOLIDWORKS made a change to the layout of their video testing site. This guide will be a brief overview of what to expect when searching for a certified graphics card driver. First, we will want to open SOLIDWORKS Rx. This is found in the Windows Start menu under the SOLIDWORKS Tools folder. Another option is to click the Home tab on the SOLIDWORKS task pane and open it under SOLIDWORKS tools.
It is sometimes necessary to search through a SOLIDWORKS part to find geometry that matches certain criteria. SOLIDWORKS has a utility for that called Power Select. Power Select allows you to search a part for edges, loops, faces, features that meet a specific criterion. You can specify criteria for edge convexity, edge angle, face color, feature color, feature type, feature name, and surface type.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Dec 21, 2020
SOLIDWORKS has an amazing program called SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, which is single or multi-user software, built for the creation of embedded electrical systems for equipment and other products. This additional setup can add some pitfalls to look out for when installing SOLIDWORKS products. In this guide, we are going to discuss various issues that might pop up during the install process.
Everyone who has used SOLIDWORKS has at one time or another experienced a crash; whether that be a one time instance or a steady occurrence. In this guide, I will discuss some steps for how to troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS crashes, especially if this is a steady occurrence. Note: This process will not work well with random occurrences as it requires some repeatability.
DraftSight Jul 06, 2020
This guide will walk you through installing DraftSight using two of the three licensing methods. For DraftSight Enterprise users, we will also discuss how to use the DraftSight Deployment Wizard to create Admin Images for multi-user deployments.
For my senior design capstone class, my team worked on the advanced navigation for the Portable Accessible Docking System (PADS), which is part of the Technology Recreation Access Independence Lifestyle Sports (TRAILS) program whose goal is the revolution of rehabilitation of tetraplegics (those with partial or total loss of use of all four limbs and torso).
3D Printing Jul 02, 2019
I acquired the Roboteurs RBX1 (Remix) robot arm from my colleague Preston Ruff who in a previous blog post, built and assembled the robot arm from a kit. The robot arm is a 6-axis robot with a pincer grip. Being an engineer and a fan of robots, I started to think of ways to improve the arm. The first thought that came to mind was that the gripper was simple and could be improved. So, I started to design improvements on my own.