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SOLIDWORKS License Manager: all you ever wanted to know about license borrowing and returning. With SOLIDWORKS License Manager, if you are planning on working with SOLIDWORKS products off the network or from a remote location, you can borrow one of your networked licenses for up to 30 days. Read this article to learn how.
How will you watch the very last episode of the Star Wars Saga? Well for me, thanks to SOLIDWORKS, I will watch it with my very own piece of custom created Jedi lore. If you are reading this then you are every bit as excited as I am to see how the final chapter of the Star Wars story ends.
New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 it is possible to specify the altitude of the system you are setting up. Flow Simulation will then apply the appropriate pressure and temperature conditions for the desired altitude. This enhancement will make it easier to work with different scenarios when using Parametric Studies in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020
Access to the Simulation evaluator is located under the main Simulation tab in the SOLIDWORKS Command Manager or from the right-click menu at the top of the Simulation Design Tree. New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 we have a utility called the Simulation Evaluator
New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 it is possible to define Draft Quality mesh elements or High Quality mesh elements for each individual solid body in the simulation study creating a hybrid mesh. This new capability will be helpful in saving your meshing resources. It gives you more control on which solid body you can apply either a Draft or High Quality element type too.