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In this article, we will illustrate one method of setting up one of the most complex load patterns SOLIDWORKS Simulation has available: a piecewise non-uniform pressure distribution. Also, a comparison to an alternative method using split lines will be discussed near the end of the article.
A free throw in basketball is a shot about precision and consistency. Error margins are tight, so players implement techniques to improve their chances. One vital technique is to put backspin on the ball. In this article, we will run a motion and aerodynamic analysis using SOLIDWORKS Motion and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to look at why backspin is important by comparing it to a shot without spin.
J. Michael McCarthy of University of California Irvine (UCI) teaches a course focused on the design of walking machines. These walking machines have a lot of components and mates, so simulating them using SOLIDWORKS Motion Analysis can be a huge performance “hog”. In this article, we show a technique that is used to simplify assemblies and make this hog run fast.
With the partnership of SOLIDWORKS Simulation and 3D printing, we converted a snorkel mask into a respirator in less than 24 hours to help beat COVID-19.
In hospitals, negative pressure rooms are used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. To illustrate the concept and effectiveness of these rooms, we’ve run some fluid and particle studies using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
When setting up a structural simulation study, it never seems like you have ALL the information you need. Without exception, you’ll have to be content with making approximations and assumptions. Absent or unreliable material data is one key area that virtually all simulation users will need to question.