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In this article, we will show the properties of the Roberts Tetrahedron using SOLIDWORKS so you can build your own from scratch. If you’d like to skip the challenge, I’ve provided my version at the end of the article that you can download and print to have on your desk or show to your friends and family.

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation, the default mesh size is the value that is initially assigned to the Global Size field of the Standard Mesh, but also influences the maximum and minimum used in Curvature Based meshes. What factors decide the default mesh size?


The rattleback is a stone shrouded in ancient mystery. Why is it that this stone only spins one way? Does it have no regard for conservation of angular momentum? In this article, we first present a naïvely constructed rattleback. Then we improve its performance with SOLIDWORKS Motion optimization. 

In this article, we compare tetrahedron and hexahedron elements and show an example of why the latter can be important to implement into your FEA (Finite Element Analysis) studies. To compare the tetrahedron to the hexahedron element, I ran a simple impact test in a few different FEA tools. I scaled the mesh size so that it took approximately 1000 seconds to solve each study.


In this article, we will illustrate one method of setting up one of the most complex load patterns SOLIDWORKS Simulation has available: a piecewise non-uniform pressure distribution. Also, a comparison to an alternative method using split lines will be discussed near the end of the article.
A free throw in basketball is a shot about precision and consistency. Error margins are tight, so players implement techniques to improve their chances. One vital technique is to put backspin on the ball. In this article, we will run a motion and aerodynamic analysis using SOLIDWORKS Motion and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to look at why backspin is important by comparing it to a shot without spin.
J. Michael McCarthy of University of California Irvine (UCI) teaches a course focused on the design of walking machines. These walking machines have a lot of components and mates, so simulating them using SOLIDWORKS Motion Analysis can be a huge performance “hog”. In this article, we show a technique that is used to simplify assemblies and make this hog run fast.
Blog Article Jul 23, 2020
Altair Inspire Cast features many component types that you can include in your casting simulation. One component that can be used to control the solidification of your model is the chiller.
Blog Article May 11, 2020
When running a metal casting simulation using Altair Inspire Cast, the model needs to be broken up into simple pieces that make up a mesh. In the background, Altair SimLab creates this mesh and delivers it to Inspire Cast for you automatically.