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The preview window in Explorer and the View option in PDM History are both often used when reviewing files because SOLIDWORKS eDrawings is not associated properly to preview. You may be presented with the error below or with a blank display. This is indicating that the location for the needed viewer tool is not valid for the right application. In some cases, it’s pointing to an older viewer that cannot preview the newer versions of the files. In either event, you need to have it corrected inside of the SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration tool. 


There are a few methods that you can use to better navigate/locate an item in the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager. Often, when working with someone else's design, tracking down progress can be painful. In this article, we'll discuss tools that will help speed up this process.
DraftSight Dec 10, 2020
The DraftSight for SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in is a connector for DraftSight Professional, Premium, and Enterprise. This add-in allows a user to perform file vault operations from within the DraftSight application. The add-in consists of a dropdown menu, two toolbars, and a status window that you can activate to carry out such commands as check out and check in files and Xrefs to the file vault.
When comparing SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go next to Copy Tree, they don't seem very different at face value. Both have the option to save files to a new location while adding prefixes or suffixes and include drawings, simulation results, and keep the folder structure.
Enough of us have seen this message before: activation count exceeded. We cringe when it happens and then try to figure out who we must scramble to call to get it resolved. Do I call my co-worker who is using a similar license, IT to look at the system and ask what you did wrong, or SOLIDWORKS Corporation and be worried that you caused a major licensing violation?