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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jul 28, 2022

This article discusses working with wires in SOLIDWORKS Electrical and the differences between Wire Mark, Wire Label, and Equipotential Label. Knowing how and when to use the proper selection for wire numbering will determine your wire numbering outcome.  


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jun 02, 2022

Every SOLIDWORKS Electrical project begins with a template - even a default template. But with many templates, one size does not often fit all right out of the box. If you find yourself making the same changes to a new project each time, even a few minor ones, then it is time to create a template.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical May 24, 2022

Automatically backup your SOLIDWORKS Electrical environment with Auto-archiver, now part of the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic software. With Auto-archiver, there is no need for a user connected to a server environment to remember to back up the software!


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Apr 12, 2022

If you’re reading this article, you are either thinking of buying SOLIDWORKS Electrical or you are an existing user and experiencing issues. This could either be SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics, the standalone program, or the SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D add-in for the SOLIDWORKS CAD software.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Mar 02, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Electrical includes a wide variety of symbols predefined in the Symbol Library. However, there are times when you need something just a bit different. The easiest way to create a new symbol in SOLIDWORKS Electrical is to start with an existing symbol, make a copy, then edit the new symbol to match your needs.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 24, 2022

Using the words “SOLIDWORKS Electrical” and “network” in the same sentence always seems to create confusion. Customers sometimes ask if SOLIDWORKS Electrical is its own standalone software and how standalone and network licenses work. This guide will clear up some of the puzzlement! 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 10, 2022

Consider these 'better' practices when performing a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Server installation that will save you a lot of time and headache! The default installation for a server installation automatically defaults to installing the Electrical server products. This means that only the data, SQL, and collaborative service are installed on the server. 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jun 28, 2021

Prefer a darker background? Want a larger crosshair at the cursor? Zooming the wrong direction? We can adjust all of these settings and more in the Interface Configuration selection in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics 2021To get there, go to the Tools Tab (1), and then the Interface configuration button (2).



SOLIDWORKS Electrical Dec 21, 2020
SOLIDWORKS has an amazing program called SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, which is single or multi-user software, built for the creation of embedded electrical systems for equipment and other products. This additional setup can add some pitfalls to look out for when installing SOLIDWORKS products. In this guide, we are going to discuss various issues that might pop up during the install process.