DriveWorks Pro Administrator - Getting Started

Article by Francisco Guzman on Feb 03, 2014

In this DriveWorks Pro Administrator getting started guide, we'll cover the following topics:

  • How to create a new individual group
  • How to create a new project
  • How to prepare SOLIDWORKS to capture model


  • DriveWorks Pro Administrator is installed and activated
  • DriveWorks Pro Add-In is active in SOLIDWORKS

Note: If DriveWorks Pro Administrator is not installed and/or activated, please refer to the DriveWorks Pro Administrator Installation-Upgrade

Create New Individual Group

Run the DriveWorks Pro Administrator module. Navigate through Start > All Programs > DriveWorks __ SP__> Click on DriveWorks Administrator.

DriveWorks Administrator Activation

Once DriveWorks Administrator opens, click the group button drop-down > select New Group...

DriveWorks Pro Administrator New Group

In the New Group wizard, select individual group. Click Next.

Create New Individual Group in DriveWorks

Note: For more information about individual groups and Shared groups, visit the DriveWorks Help web page using the link below.

Topic Link 
Individual and Shared Group


To select where the individual group will be saved, click Browse.

New Group in DriveWorks Pro

Navigate to the desired save location. Give the group a meaningful name. "Group1" will be used in this guide. Click Save.

DriveWorks Pro Admin Create New Group

Enter a default Administrator user name and password. The standard "Admin" user name with no password will be used in this guide. Click Finish.

New Group Location DriveWorks Pro

After the New Group wizard closes, the "Log-on to Group" dialog box opens. Enter-user name and password created in the previous step and click Log-on.

Log-On Group DriveWorks

Create New Project

Once logged into the group, click the project button drop-down > select New Project...

Open New Project in DriveWorks

With "New DriveWorks Project" selected, click Browse to browse where to save the project.

New DriveWorks Project Screen

Note: Projects can be saved anywhere. In this guide, the project will be saved in the same directory as the group.

By default, DriveWorks will use the folder name as the new name for the project. Give the project a meaningful name. "Project1" will be used in this guide. Click Finish.

New Standard Project DriveWorks

A group and a project are now created. The next step is to prepare SOLIDWORKS to capture a model.

Prepare SOLIDWORKS to Capture Model

With SOLIDWORKS open, click the DriveWorks tab in the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane.

DriveWorks Tab on the SOLIDWORKS Task Pane

Click the helper link to open the group.

Please Open Group Before Continuing Message

Select "Open an existing group". Click Next.

Open Existing Group in DriveWorks Pro

Select "Recent Group" and select the name of the group from the drop-down list. Click Finish.

Open Recent Group in DriveWorks

Log in to the group when the dialog appears. DriveWorks is now ready to capture a model.

Open a Model to Capture SOLIDWORKS to DriveWorks

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