SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal: View Active Computers

Article by Benjamin Modic on Aug 04, 2022

Using the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal, you can track which computer is active on any serial number tied to your account. If your SOLIDWORKS login does not have admin user rights, please ask your current admin for the name of the active computer, or request that your current admin changes your user rights.

How To View Active Computers on Your SOLIDWORKS Serial Numbers

To get started, navigate to MySOLIDWORKS and log in. Then, click on your username in the top right-hand corner and select Admin Portal.

SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal Location

If it is the first time any user has logged into the Admin Portal at your company, accept the role of Administrator by checking the selection boxes and choosing Promote or Access.

SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal Welcome Screen

Once logged in, choose Products from the top of the page. This will take you to a list of all products currently registered with your company. Select any of the product names in the list to get more details on that item. The name of the active computer will be listed:

How to View Active Computers in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Active Machines Listed Under Products in the SOLIDWORKS Admin Portal

Note: Products (serial numbers) may be assigned to individual users in the portal, but this does not dictate a user’s access to that product. The purpose of assigning products is to ensure all users have full access to items on the SOLIDWORKS Customer PortalMySOLIDWORKS site, as well as free certification offers.

To deactivate or remove a computer from a license, open the latest active version of SOLIDWORKS on that machine and click Help (?) > Licenses Deactivate. If needed, please contact our Technical Support team for help.

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