SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools: Split Line & Parting Line Explained

Article by Jackie Yip on Dec 16, 2021

If there’s a need to extrapolate information about creating a mold, SOLIDWORKS comes bundled with a set of Mold Tools that’ll make it simpler to analyze any mold design. In this blog, we’ll be discussing how to use the split line and parting line commands to help set up a model for an eventual tooling split.

The following example uses a shirt button design, where the outer surface will act as the face for where this feature is added. When designing a mold, an edge is visible to indicate where this split happens, and luckily, we have two sets of tools that can generate this for us.

SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools Tutorial Using Split Line and Parting Line

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First up is the Split Line command. This command is generally useful when we need to create additional faces on a model without altering the geometry.

SOLIDWORKS Split Line Feature Location

To create a split line, we can either use a sketch, plane, or another solid body in the vicinity. As shown, a sketch line can be drawn that stretches all the way across the space, which is then acting as the projection of the edge.

SOLIDWORKS Split Line Example

In the split line PropertyManager, the projection type will then be used by selecting the sketch line.

SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools Split Line Tutorial

When completed, this edge marks the location of the split, and we can then go ahead and generate a parting line afterward.

Split Line Feature in SOLIDWORKS

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Another option is to use use the Parting Line command, which includes an option for splitting the face. From a previous feature called Draft Analysis, SOLIDWORKS references the areas where the positive and negative areas touch.

SOLIDWORKS Parting Line Command Location

In the Parting Line tool, we’ll designate our neutral plane and draft angle and, upon closer inspection, the Split Faces option can be checked, which creates the split line. Once done, we can head over to the parting line window and select the new visible edge.

SOLIDWORKS Parting Line Example

The Parting Line feature encompasses a bluish entity for ease of visibility on where the split is. The next steps will be to continue with the additional Mold Tool features, such as the tooling split.

SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools Parting Line

Whether the split line is added before or during the creation of the Parting Line feature, the tools available inside SOLIDWORKS ensure every model can depict the necessary geometry for analyzing and creating molds.

See a live demonstration using Split Line and Parting Line in the SOLIDWORKS video below.



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