SOLIDWORKS Copy and Paste Features: Same or Different Parts

Article by Nathen Blas on Nov 17, 2021

When working in  SOLIDWORKS , there are times when we need to repeat a feature that has already been created. If using a linear pattern or the Mirror Feature does not produce the desired geometry, another option is to copy the feature, and paste it where needed. This guide explains ways to copy and paste features from your SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager Design Tree in the same part and from one part to another.  

Copy and Paste on the same part 

Here we have our SOLIDWORKS part and the Cut Feature that we would like to copy.  

Copy and Paste Features on Same SOLIDWORKS Part

Figure 1: Initial Part

We can see how the feature was created, and that it is defined to be coincident with a horizontal line.

SOLIDWORKS Feature Creation

Figure 2: Feature Creation

To copy the feature to the part, hold  CTRL , and select the  Cut Feature  in the FeatureManager Design Tree. While holding CTRL and the left mouse button, drag and drop the feature in the desired location.

Drag and Drop Feature in SOLIDWORKS  

Figure 3: Drag and Drop Feature

Once in place, a Copy Confirmation dialog box will appear asking whether you would like to break (dangle) the relations that we mentioned before or if you want to delete them. In this instance, we will delete them.  

SOLIDWORKS Copy Confirmation Dialog Box

Figure 4: Copy Confirmation

Once we delete the relationships, the copied feature is then created. From there, we can edit the sketch and define the location as needed. 

Create a Feature in SOLIDWORKS

Figure 5: Feature Creation

Copy and Paste on Different parts   

To copy a feature from one part to another, follow the same steps as above, but with some slight changes. First, we want to have both parts open and Tile Vertically. 

SOLIDWORKS Copy and Paste Features on Different Parts

Figure 6: Tiled View

Repeat the same steps of holding CTRL and dragging and dropping the feature from the original part to the second part. 

Different SOLIDWORKS Parts Copy and Paste Features

Figure 7: Drag and Drop Across Components

Once we have the feature in place and release it, the Copy Confirmation dialog box will appear again. We can make the same selection as before. 

Copy Confirmation Dialog Box in SOLIDWORKS

Figure 8: Copy Confirmation

From there, our feature is made, and we can edit the sketch as needed.  

SOLIDWORKS Feature Creation Copy and Paste on Different Parts

Figure 9: Feature Creation

With that, we can copy features in the same part or from one part to another.  

That's it! I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Check out more SOLIDWORKS tutorials below. 

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