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Article by Heather McHale on Feb 02, 2021

The SOLIDWORKS Symmetry check utility allows you to evaluate a part or assembly for symmetry. It can also be used to split a part into the smallest repeatable symmetrical body, which is useful when running a simulation analysis. 

Manual Face Check for Parts

Manual face check evaluates the current configuration of the part for symmetry. If you are working with a weldment or other multi-body part, you will need to select the body to evaluate, as the check will only evaluate a single body.

SOLIDWORKS Symmetry Check

Once you have selected a body (if applicable), define the plane used for symmetry and run the check. The symmetry plane can be defined by the following:

  • Single plane: Uses an existing plane
  • Two parallel faces: Places a theoretical plane between two parallel faces
  • Two points: Places a theoretical plane perpendicular to the midpoint of the line that would join two points

Once complete, the analysis will group all faces by Unique, Symmetric, or Asymmetric and further categorizes them into subgroups. 

The Unique faces are grouped based on which side of the symmetry plane it lies.

SOLIDWORKS Symmetry Check Color Settings

Colors are applied to all faces according to their group. These colors can be modified under color settings before or after the check has been run.  

Manual Face Check of SOLIDWORKS Parts

If you would like to run a different check, select recheck to clear your selections and start the process over.

Automatic Symmetry Split for Parts

This option is not available in multi-body parts. If there is symmetry, the model will show the different splits available, allowing you to divide the part into a smaller symmetric portion. If there is no symmetry, you will receive a message alerting you that no symmetry was found. The part shown below can either be split in half or quartered.   

Choose the body to keep and select split part. A split feature will be added to the feature tree as well as the plane(s) needed to split the part. 

Automatic Symmetry Split for SOLIDWORKS Parts 

Manual Component Comparison for Assemblies

Define the plane used for symmetry, determine if you want subassemblies to be treated as single components and run the check.   

SOLIDWORKS Manual Component Comparison

Once the check has been run, the components are categorized as either Symmetric or Asymmetric, and colors are applied according to the color settings.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Categories in SOLIDWORKS

The assembly below is a combination of weldments and single body parts therefore, the frame's components are not evaluated and show as asymmetric.  

Symmetry Check SOLIDWORKS Utilities

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