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The GoEngineer simulation team provides a wide range of CFD consulting services to address aerodynamics, acoustics, thermal, and other fluid flow-related issues early in the design phase.

Our CFD consulting services are the fastest and easiest way to access cutting-edge Navier-Stokes, Lattice-Boltzmann, and multiphysics CFD solutions on serious HPC resources, with the experience to do the analysis right.

Our team can help at any level, from augmenting your own CFD group to completely CFD analysis, in traditional or custom methodologies.


What Is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?



“GoEngineer was instrumental in assisting us with getting our project into production. The analytics were spot on with respect to the thermal and coolant flow test results!”

– Scott H.
Director of Engineering

Vanner Inc.

  • Flow Field Visualization

  • One of the most basic and important aspects of CFD simulations is determining how the flow field develops and moves through a system or around a body immersed in the fluid.

    Design changes can be implemented to eliminate them with help from multiple optimization techniques (what-if, single-goal optimization, multivariable design-of-experiments).

  • Ideal for:
    - Identifying stagnant areas and recirculation zones in flow fields.
  • Fluid pressure plot on a soccer ball in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

    Pressure Drop Calculation

  • The design effort of fluid systems sometimes focuses on minimizing pressure drop. With an efficient CFD simulation one can quickly understand the sources of pressure drop (e.g., in the case of pipe flow) and make intelligent choices to reduce it.
  • Ideal for:
    - Identify factors that contribute to pressure loss within a system.
  • Aerodynamics study of passenger aircraft in PowerFLOW

    Aerodynamics Analysis

  • Lift and drag are the most important factors in the design of efficient vehicles (automotive or aerospace). Wind tunnel physical testing is costly and time-consuming and can be significantly reduced with the help of CFD.

    Also, coupled solutions with other codes allow aeroacoustics simulations for cabin noise reduction.
  • Ideal for:
    - Calculating lift and drag parameters related to external airflow.
  • Flow Balancing

  • CFD solutions allow direct reporting of mass and volume flowrates through closed systems, such as automotive intake and exhaust manifolds and A/C systems. Balanced flow provides the most efficient design.

    Optimization techniques that leverage the parametric dimensions of the CAD geometry are an intelligent way to achieve the desired balance.

  • Ideal for:
    - Optimizing manifold designs to balance flowrates to/from each port.
  • Fluid Mixing/Particle Tracking

  • In industries that focus on material handling, the speed of the operation is of utmost importance; and CFD can help quantify mixing efficiency.

    Food processing sometimes involves mixing products, and doing so as quickly as possible allows maximum production output. Industrial particle separator design is also assisted with the ability to track particles within the flow field.
  • Ideal for:
    - Simulating mixing devices and particle separators.
  • Free Surface Flow Analysis

  • Free surface flow simulation within CFD can be used to predict tank sloshing or draining and filling speed.

    Also, for water resource applications in which flow rates and velocities are desired, understanding open-channel flow is achieved through this type of simulation.

  • Ideal for:
    - Capturing flow fields with an interface between fluids (air/water, water/oil).
  • Fluid Device Design

  • For bulk fluid handling devices that incorporate rotating elements (turbines, blowers, fans), CFD is a powerful tool for gaining design insight.

    Efficiencies are easily calculated within the program by extracting and operating on output quantities of pressure, flowrate, and torque. Valve and flow meter coefficients of discharge can also be determined.
  • Ideal for:
    - Valve, blower, turbine, and fan design.
  • Thermal distribution CFD

    Thermal Distribution

  • Sometimes paired with structural and electromagnetic simulation, thermal CFD studies can determine heat dissipation efficiency of thermal devices and assess the need for forced cooling using fans or liquid-cooled systems.

    Use of optimization tools allows quick determination of the fins required in heat sink designs.

  • Ideal for:
    - Critical cooling applications such as heat exchangers and heat sinks used in electronics.
  • Human Comfort/Solar Heat Load Tracking

  • CFD is a powerful tool used to study building structure heat loads and evaluate cooling requirements.

    Statistical human comfort parameters are used by the industry to evaluate the effectiveness of heating and cooling systems.
  • Ideal for:
    - Building A/C design.


Our Process

CFD Services Consultation with GoEngineer


It Begins with a Conversation
Your engineering and business needs are unique, and there are many ways that GoEngineer can help. We can integrate simple analysis, design experimentation, and virtual testing involving a variety of physics simulation at varying levels into your own processes and operations.

After an in-depth technical discussion, we'll provide the best personalized solutions from our service catalog to meet your goals.

GoEngineer CAE Services Proposal Outline


Know Exactly What You’re Getting
GoEngineer will build a detailed proposal reiterating your interests and what we’ll do to meet them. This document will include:

  • Bulleted project scope, including analysis methods, purposes, and outputs
  • Phased timeline and manpower (estimated)
  • List of deliverables, obligations, and extended offerings
  • Cost breakdown

CAE Services Communication with GoEngineer


Dedicated Points of Contact
You will have a lead engineer and an overseeing engineering manager assigned to your project, with uninterrupted and open lines of communication.

Awareness from Beginning to End
We recommend weekly web meetings with your GoEngineer project lead and engineering manager to discuss the progress and direction of your project. These meetings can be extremely valuable, especially upon surprising analysis results.

Have CAE, Will Travel
GoEngineer personnel are also available for travel to in-person meetings with you and/or your customer.




What Do You Get with GoEngineer CFD Serivces?


Know Exactly What You’re Getting
We build high-quality simulations to customer specifications using our extensive CAE software portfolio:

Big Computing Resources for Fast Results
With high-performance local and cloud computing capabilities, we can support rapid iteration on very large analyses, like high-fidelity, multistep nonlinear static analysis, or full vehicle crash simulations.

FEA & CFD project deliverables can come in many forms, from reports to results files, and it's all available to you.


Everything You Need for Better Decision Making
The GoEngineer CAE consulting team can produce a wide range of deliverables for you, as scoped out in your proposal:

  • Simulation and technical presentations
  • Image, video, and 3D interactive results
  • Optimized 3D topology or design parameters
  • Design/engineering recommendations
  • Accounting of resources
  • Functioning FEA & CFD models
  • Solver output databases
  • Documentation of methodologies

Process of Using CAE Services for CFD and FEA Simulations

Next Steps

Building Upon Success
Some projects may be complete upon delivery, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Additional steps may include:

  • Project retrospective
  • Customer interface
  • Additional iterations and studies
  • Transfer of analysis files
  • Training in methodologies used

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Whether you need additional support for your own simulation team or are looking for a total end-to-end analysis solution, GoEngineer is here to help.

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