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Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!

Gauss points are the points within each SOLIDWORKS Simulation element where the actual analysis happens. These are the points where the stress and strain outputs of SOLIDWORKS Simulation are calculated. SOLIDWORKS Simulation users can see nodal and element value plots by right-clicking on the plot of his/her choice then clicking edit definition. In the Advancearand Options, you will see node value and element value options.


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Mar 05, 2021

In Excel, Conditional Formatting can be used to customize a SOLIDWORKS Inspection report template to highlight values that are within the determined specifications with a certain color (typically green). This formatting can also show values that fall out of the specified range in red or another color. 


As a designer, I would regularly work on a part file with multiple SOLIDWORKS configurations and would need to get a particular configuration exported to STEP for manufacturing. I also wanted another version to send to the customer, but only the model with the features they requested. To do this, we need to ensure that only the active configuration information is saved into a completely new part. 



SOLIDWORKS 2021 SP5 will be the last release of PDM Professional / Manage that will support the use of SQL Standard 2014. This will only affect PDM Professional, not PDM Standard. PDM Standard uses a free SQL Express that does not require any paid licensing. However, the installed version of SQL Express will still need to be upgraded.


Many SOLIDWORKS users ask, "How do I add a column to my Cut List that is tied to the Balloon Callouts?" This tutorial walks you through the steps necessary for balloons to be tied to a Custom Cut List Property. In this example, we'll walk through this process for a Weldment Cut List. Let's get started.


3DEXPERIENCE Design Feb 25, 2021
Connecting with your team remotely is important now more than ever. We need effective tools that are dynamic enough to keep up with the ever changing world. With Dassault Systemes 3DEXPERIENCE platform, you have access to these very tools. In this blog, we’ll cover five helpful tips for getting started with 3DEXPERIENCE. Let’s dive in.
PDM templates have the power to radically change how files are created. In this article, we'll demonstrate how we can use templates to create folder structures and files from existing templates inside of PDM and SOLIDWORKS, using inputs to create a semi-intelligent part number system.
Have you ever received a SOLIDWORKS warning message that a journal file could not be created? There are a couple of possible reasons we will address in this article. Every time SOLIDWORKS is opened, it creates a journal file that records everything you do in that active session (in the form of code). This is the reason why auto recover can recover your files in the event of a crash.
SOLIDWORKS comes with two premade block libraries for Electrical and Hydraulic schematics. This article outlines how to download and setup file locations to access the blocks from the Design Library. In the Task Pane, click Design Library and expand the SOLIDWORKS Content folder. Click the Blocks folder.
Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!