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Global variables in SOLIDWORKS are user-defined names that are assigned numeric values. These can be used directly in a dimension or used in an equation. They make it easier to understand and modify equations. For example, in the image below, we want the bottom line to always be twice the thickness of the top portion. When you double click on the dimension for the bottom line, we can add the equation =’D1@Sketch1’*2 with D1@Sketch1 being the .50 dimension.


To change the language in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2021 or newer, simply open Windows Explorer and navigate to the vault view. Before taking any further steps,understand that doing so affacts all users on the machine, requires that the same setting be used for th euser in all vault views, and requires a reboot. 

3D Printing PolyJet Jul 22, 2021

Stratasys recently added several new 3D printers to their portfolio, including the highly anticipated J35 Pro - a multi-material, desktop PolyJet 3D printer offered by the leader in professional additive manufacturing solutions.  The J35 Pro is an affordable office-friendly and user-friendly desktop 3D Printer - but don't let its small size fool you. It may have a compact frame, but its possibilities are endless - from small and delicate models to fully-functional engineering prototypes.

3D Printing Metal Jul 21, 2021

Since 2014 VELO3D made it their mission to develop a metal 3D printing solution that could overcome the challenges faced by the additive manufacturing space. Applying experience and knowledge gained in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, process control, data acquisition, and quality assurance form the backbone of VELO3D’s success. 


In SOLIDWORKS Simulation, the default mesh size is the value that is initially assigned to the Global Size field of the Standard Mesh, but also influences the maximum and minimum used in Curvature Based meshes. What factors decide the default mesh size?


The SOLIDWORKS error "A newer version of this application is already installed" occurs when installing, repairing, or modifying a version of SOLIDWORKS older than 2021 SP2, when 2021 SP2 or newer is/or has been installed on the machine. This error appears because of a change made in the Visual Basic for Application version 7.1 (VBA 7.1) introduced in 2021 SP2. Older versions of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager do not recognize this new VBA 7.1, and will then try to install its own VBA when a newer one is already present.  


Reverse Engineering Jul 14, 2021

Geomagic Design X is a premier reverse engineering software capable of processing large .STL files and 3D scanned data and converting them into high-quality, feature-based models that can be easily manipulated and edited directly in your preferred 3D CAD software. Because Geomagic Design X works so similarly to industry-leading CAD packages and includes tool sets for solids, surfaces, and meshes, its learning curve is unlike any other reverse engineering software available on the market. 

Installations of SOLIDWORKS include a set of routing components with your Design Library. Additional piping Routing content can be downloaded through SOLIDWORKS Content, including parts and assemblies that align with different Standards like ISO and DIN. In SOLIDWORKS, select the Design Library tab of your Task Pane. Expand SOLIDWORKS Content > Routing. In the Routing folder, the additional libraries are grouped by Standard.




The report generator can be a very powerful tool provided we know how to wield it. It allows us to query the database for information without the use of SQL Management Studio. We’ve explored adding reports to the Report Generator, but we haven’t explored creating custom reports in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Doing this requires a little bit of SQL knowledge and understanding of where to look for items in the SOLIDWORKS PDM Database; meaning, some of this knowledge can be taught, but, for example, the structure of the database and information you are looking for will likely only come through experience.  



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