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SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 24, 2022

Using the words “SOLIDWORKS Electrical” and “network” in the same sentence always seems to create confusion. Customers sometimes ask if SOLIDWORKS Electrical is its own standalone software and how standalone and network licenses work. This guide will clear up some of the puzzlement! 

Have you ever needed to pull a cross-section of a solid with the ability to trace it? SOLIDWORKS has two tools that simplify this task: SOLIDWORKS Slicing tool and Intersection Curve. In this article, we'll look at both options and distinguish the differences between the two. 


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Jan 19, 2022

No matter the manufacturing process used to produce parts, it’s essential to monitor and verify part geometries to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your products. Here we'll see how SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2022 helps with this process. 


In this quick tip, we review the steps to add weld beads to a weldment file. The Weld Bead feature allows you to add the bead and weld symbol to your SOLIDWORKS model and drawing. The Weld Bead feature is a simple graphical representation and will not affect the performance of the model. 


Macros are scripts that automate tasks inside of SOLIDWORKS. If you're new to SOLIDWORKS Macros, you may be wondering if you need to understand scripts or know how to write code - the answer is no! There is a handy tool you can use that captures mouse clicks, menu choices, and keystrokes and records them - much like a video. 


No matter how long you've been using SOLIDWORKS, you'll still run across new tips or tricks to improve your workflow that make you say, "I wish I'd known about this sooner!" We polled our Technical Support team, and they shared some of their favorite SOLIDWORKS tips, features, tools, and best practices that they wished they'd known about sooner and want you to know about now!



Over the last few years, more and more SOLIDWORKS users have preferred machine-based Standalone licenses over Online Licensing. SOLIDWORKS has therefore announced that they will no longer be supporting the Online Licensing option after February 2022. 



In this article, we will show the properties of the Roberts Tetrahedron using SOLIDWORKS so you can build your own from scratch. If you’d like to skip the challenge, I’ve provided my version at the end of the article that you can download and print to have on your desk or show to your friends and family.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 10, 2022

Consider these 'better' practices when performing a SOLIDWORKS Electrical Server installation that will save you a lot of time and headache! The default installation for a server installation automatically defaults to installing the Electrical server products. This means that only the data, SQL, and collaborative service are installed on the server. 

SOLIDWORKS 2022 is here! See all of the latest user-driven features and enhancements available now.