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When dimensioning a part in a SOLIDWORKS Drawing, the standard method is to select the Annotations tab and use the Smart Dimension tool. This method gives us the gray dimension we are commonly used to. However, if we used fully defined sketches creating the part, these dimensions already exist. The Insert Model Items tool allows us to bring those existing dimensions into our SOLIDWORKS Drawings. This guide will go over how to use this tool and the options available to bring in your desired dimensions.

From time to time, SOLIDWORKS users may need to apply a scale to a part. Scaling can be done at any point in the tree but may negatively affect downstream features and sketches and doesn’t change the upstream features and sketches, so the sooner the better. A Design Table can also be used to keep it all parametric and may be a better option. In this guide, we cover both methods of scaling a part in SOLIDWORKS and visualize the differences.

SOLIDWORKS Manage Sep 13, 2021

SOLIDWORKS Manage can pull information from sources other than PDM. We’ll explore importing records from an SQL database from one table and updating the information from another. To start the process, create a link to an additional database. To do this, open the System Administration in SOLIDWORKS Manage and go to Data Sources.



If your SOLIDWORKS serial number has expired, (no longer under subscription service) you will not be able to use Check for Updates inside SOLIDWORKS to download the latest service pack. You will also find there is a lock on the download section in the Customer Portal. This is because SOLIDWORKS requires an active subscription to download the software from their servers.


There are lots of different GPU (Graphics Processing Units) options available for SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS Visualize rendering software. Three notable options are from NVIDIA's new RTX series (formerly known as Quadro - a name change that helps differentiate gaming GPUs from workstation GPUs) the RTX A6000RTX A5000, and RTX A4000 

In SOLIDWORKS, the Path Mate is useful when trying to constrain a selected point on an assembly component to a path. It offers control over the pitch, yaw, and roll of the component as it treks through the path. In SOLIDWORKS, Path Mate is located in the Mate (Assembly toolbar) > Advanced tab > Path MateWhen using Path Mate, the first mate selection is for the component vertex; this is the point in the component that will pierce and travel along the path.


eDrawings Sep 07, 2021

eDrawings is a lightweight application that allows you to view 2D and 3D files without a license of SOLIDWORKSIf you need to install eDrawings on multiple computers, entering an email address numerous times can be time-consuming and repetitive. The installation method detailed in this guide will bypass the need to register eDrawings Viewer with your email address.  


SOLIDWORKS Manage Sep 03, 2021

SOLIDWORKS Manage and SOLIDWORKS PDM were made to get along and work together. To do this, a PDM add-in must be installed. The process for this is fairly simple but worth noting some steps that will be specific to every install. The PDM add-in doesn’t come in a convenient package for us to drag and drop into the vault. 


3D Printing PolyJet Sep 02, 2021

The new Stratasys J35 Pro PolyJet 3D printer was introduced to the world earlier this year, and it is quickly becoming one of the most talked about professional-grade, multi-material 3D printers today. One hot topic of discussion surrounds material options, specifically what materials the system can run and how can they be mixed and matched to provide different results. This article will attempt to bring the J35 Pro material configurations into clearer focus. 

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