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Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!
3DEXPERIENCE Design Dec 02, 2020
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a collection of different apps that complement the SOLIDWORKS desktop tools and allow customers to collaborate on designs anywhere. Because the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is cloud-based, and designed for collaboration, it is an ideal for use in the virtual classroom.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Dec 02, 2020
SOLIDWORKS Composer makes it easier than ever to mirror parts of a part or assembly. The tool we want to use is called Symmetrize, and it lets us create a mirror copy that either replaces the original component or sits directly across from it. Want to flip an smg component to show a different angle? Done. Want to show an assembly from two sides at the same time? It can do that too.
A quick and easy way to maximize SOLIDWORKS (and many other programs) is by rapidly double-clicking the title bar with your left mouse button. The title bar includes the SOLIDWORKS logo and the white bar between the pull-down menus and the search bar. You can also restore SOLIDWORKS by double-clicking again.
3D Scanning Artec Nov 25, 2020
In this day and age, the ability to keep production going at home or in small offices is essential. We’ve seen this trend pick up in the 3D printing industry with the release of professional FDM and PolyJet 3D printers like the Stratasys J55 and F123 Series that can easily squeeze into tight spaces. But how does 3D scanning fit into the world of desktop innovations? Artec 3D, best known for their award-winning Eva and Space Spider 3D scanners, has a unique professional desktop 3D scanner in their product line - the Artec Micro.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Nov 24, 2020
The SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium 2021 injection molding add-in for SOLIDWORKS CAD provides the highest level of analysis with the advanced cooling function. The cooling analysis is important for more accurate study results because it accounts for the mold steel thermal properties with the coolant flowing through the cooling channels. In this blog, we will learn how the improved sketch-based mesh is a time saver over meshing the 3D cooling channels.
I often receive questions from people trying to set up their workflow and confused about the settings for Revisions, especially the similarities and differences between the state and transition Revision Numbers tabs. Let's straighten out the differences.
The SOLIDWORKS 'Move/Copy Body' command is an efficient way to get a model reoriented properly for a variety of downstream uses. When working with imported STEP, IGES, or Parasolid imported geometry, there might be a need to reorient the model. Unlike a native SOLIDWORKS model, your choices for modifying the orientation of the imported model are limited.
Everyone who has used SOLIDWORKS has at one time or another experienced a crash; whether that be a one time instance or a steady occurrence. In this guide, I will discuss some steps for how to troubleshoot SOLIDWORKS crashes, especially if this is a steady occurrence. Note: This process will not work well with random occurrences as it requires some repeatability.
The Bill of Materials (BOM) will not directly associate a specific component feature dimension to a BOM cell. However, when we associate a Custom Property to a dimension, we can use that in the BOM. For reference, I have a simple assembly with a base block, three dowel pins, and three sliders. Each of the sliders has the same physical length, but we want to have the slot length for each slider displayed in the BOM.
Explore what's new in SOLIDWORKS 2021!