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About Brian Johnson

Brian is an Application Engineer for GoEngineer and has been a SOLIDWORKS user since 1999. The first half of his career was in the automotive and RV industries covering a wide spectrum of manufacturing processes and design from plastic injection, sheet metal, roll forming. He also spent a couple of years as a CNC programmer on precision routers, punch presses and lasers. The latter half of his career was in the oilfield technology as an equipment designer and CAD/PLM administrator. Brian is very dedicated to simplification and learning day to day operations. He is familiar with Lean Six Sigma and knowledgeable of both ASME welding and GD&T standards.

Puppy Love with SOLIDWORKS Weldments

by Brian Johnson

Here is a story about a man, his puppy, and how he leveraged SOLIDWORKS Weldments to benefit the both of them. Let’s dive in!in!

In Just 108 Short Years

by Brian Johnson

They did it! The Chicago Cubs broke the 108-year drought making them the 2016 World Series Champs! Let’s take a look a few more things that might take another 100 years to accomplish.

CAD Admin’s Corner – End User Evaluations

by Brian Johnson


Since most of us as CAD Admins are not managers, we are going to be discussing a different type of evaluation. This evaluation serves many purposes. The first of which gives you the opportunity to meet all of your

CAD Admin’s Corner – Change Management

by Brian Johnson

A key success factor for any sized company is to have a properly documented and efficient change management system in place. This post will cover some of the ways that the CAD Admin can help automate and fully digitize this process.

Welcome to the CAD Admin’s Corner

by Brian Johnson

Welcome to our new series focusing on the nuts and bolts of being an Admin. The scope of what an Admin does can vary greatly from company to company. Read more here…