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Cybertruck Simulation: Deal or Dud?

by Shaun Bentley

Transient Animation of Cybertruck Flow Development

Let’s explore the aerodynamic performance of the Cybertruck with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and let the results speak for themselves.

SOLIDWORKS Composer 2020 What’s New

by Ryan Cole

Solidworks Composer 2020 boasts several new features including MP4 support and 360 captures as wells as enhancements in annotations and BOMs.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2020 – What’s New

by Ryan Cole

Visualize 2020

Visualize 2020 has added more functionality with MDL materials to allow the user to tweak the appearance more than was available in the previous version.

Selection Sets in SOLIDWORKS 2020

by Quinton Rocke

Selection Sets

SOLIDWORKS 2020 enhancements to the Selection Sets functionality. You can add selected items to new or existing selection sets.

Alternate Views in SOLIDWORKS 2020

by Maurice Cherian

Alternate Views

We’ve long be able to create alternate position views in drawings showing assembly movement in a phantom or dashed line type. This functionality is great to show open and closed or expanded and contracted versions of your assembly in a single drawing view. Now in 2020 you can show alternate views of a single part, using configurations, all in a single drawing view.. This article will show you the picks and clicks so you can go try out this new time saving feature found inside of SOLIDWORKS 2020.

Multiple Contiguous Features In SOLIDWORKS 2020

by Maurice Cherian

Streamline your daily workflow with SOLIDWORKS 2020’s new capabilities to drag multiple contiguous features in the feature design tree to organized folders and even sub folders for better organized feature trees. Taking seconds up front to organize feature tree structures allows all users to quickly navigate long-detailed feature design trees whenever needed.

Flip Width Mate Alignment SOLIDWORKS 2020

by Maurice Cherian

Flip Width Mate Alignment

New functionality added to SOLIDWORKS 2020 to enhance the current width mate quick-pic options. Menu items are well illustrated with the new command options being highlighted in red. Using these new options can save you from having to “restart” mating a width mate over, thus enabling you to concentrate on making more realistic virtual assembly designs faster than ever before.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Drawing Markups

by Martin Bucholz

SolidWorks 2020 Drawing Markups has given you even more ways to communicate with vendors, coworkers, or customers with touch mode and with a mouse.