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You may have learned that some system options in SOLIDWORKS aren't easy to change. There is a path through Tools > Options and onward that is fine for seldom changes, but for system options used frequently, the number of clicks can add up. While we cannot directly change an option without using the SOLIDWORKS options menu, we can use a macro to get the job done. In some scenarios, it is handy to have a particular option on, while in others, better to have it off. 


New in SOLIDWORKS 2021, the Enhanced Graphics Performance option has moved from a 'Beta' to a mainstream system option. This option improves graphical performance and affects rotate, pan, and zoom for parts and assemblies, and the display of drawings that have shaded or draft quality views.


The SOLIDWORKS Simplify utility lets you create simplified configurations of a part or assembly to perform analysis and improve performance. The Simplify utility tool uses an internal calculation of insignificant volume (default) based on the size of a part or assembly. Supported features below the insignificant volume can be suppressed to a derived configuration so you can perform an analysis on the simplified model or use the lighter weight configuration to improve performance.
Find and Replace Annotation is a built-in SOLIDWORKS tool. It finds and replaces text for a variety of annotation types in an open part, assembly, or drawing document. The Find and Replace Utility is part of the group of SOLIDWORKS Utilities available through the SOLIDWORKS Tools menu. Tools->Find/Modify->Find and Replace Annotation.
Installing SOLIDWORKS PCB with PCB Services, the key to collaborative features in SOLIDWORKS PCB, SOLIDWORKS PCB Add-In, and the PCB Connector for Altium.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Nov 11, 2019
The management of user rights at a more granular level has been an often-requested enhancement. Previously, if the permissions did not fall into one of the pre-defined profiles there was not a way to get part of one and part of another. With SolidWorks Electrical 2020 there are significant improvements to the user-rights management.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Nov 11, 2019
Whether 3D or 2D, you will have to deal with it. If your typical workflow involved creating individual arrowhead and line combinations, then trying to link that to text elements, you know what I’m talking about. And it never fails, as soon as you think you’re done, here comes the inevitable change request. Back to moving the elements and adjusting lines.