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DraftSight Jan 31, 2020
DraftSight has delivered powerful 2D CAD drafting and 3D design solutions for nearly a decade. In this blog, you’ll learn the difference between DraftSight packages and we answer the burning question, “is DraftSight still free?”
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jun 01, 2018
A common requests I receive, when it comes to wire numbering, is to have the wire numbers connected to a PLC named with the PLC Channel mark, terminal or address. Initially, I believed this could be handled with traditional formulas as I might with wire marks displaying the component origin/destination (another common request).
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Dec 08, 2016
We are often asked about SOLIDWORKS Electrical best practices and the display of attributes has been one of the top questions regarding terminal strips. SOLIDWORKS has changed the behavior of their supplied terminals by updating its symbols to display connection names by default.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 17, 2016
When defining wires, cables, and cable conductors, we routinely define the color. When using the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Application, it is pretty easy as we are presented with the colors in ‘named’ form (e.g., Red, White, Blue, etc.). However, if you happen to be using an Excel spreadsheet to define your wires or cable properties instead of using the name, we use a number.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Nov 15, 2015
This article describes one method to insert a multi-pin connector in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics. The first step is to create the connector in either the component tree or by placing a connector pin symbol on a scheme page in your project. This set of images shows how to insert a component through the Component tree.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Aug 26, 2015
This article shows you how to define a connector that only displays specific pins in SOLIDWORKS Electrical. After creating and inserting a multi-pin connector (in this example, four pins of a 10 pin connector are displayed), edit the component properties. Select the Manufacturer part and circuits tab.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 30, 2015
SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides a method of organizing your electrical projects through the use of 'books'. These books can be used, for example, to separate sub-systems within a project. The default SOLIDWORKS Electrical Bill of Materials report (Bill of Materials grouped by manufacturer) includes the components from an entire project instead of consolidating the components and their quantities by the books defined.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Jan 19, 2015
This article covers the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Save Environment command and two very important reasons why you should use it. The Save Environment command is located in the File tab and is used to save your SOLIDWORKS Electrical settings, projects, and libraries. This command allows you to save all or specific settings, configuration, and library information to a file (similar to a ZIP file) for backup purposes and/or transferring your settings to another computer.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical Oct 01, 2014
When editing a symbol in SOLIDWORKS Electrical, you can choose to display one or more of the following attributes that will pull properties from the symbol, component, or part. In the second section of this article, you'll see some examples of different symbols with attributes displayed.