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The Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS connector allows you to connect your SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data to the 3DExperience platform with the ability to save your data to the cloud and make it available on the platform. Recently, I have come across an issue where when users are saving files to the platform using this connector, they get an unusual error message. In this document, I will further discuss this particular error, and how we can resolve the issue.
In SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020, improvements have been made to increase the performance and efficiency of the tool. Additionally, improvements have been made in the areas of browsing within PDM and the SOLIDWORKS PDM add-in. In this article, we’ll focus on some of the improvements in these two specific areas.
A successful fatigue analysis can be performed in seven steps. In this blog, we’re going to break down each of those steps. Fatigue is a phenomenon that is observed when repeated loading and unloading weakens an object over time, even when the induced stresses are considerably less than the allowable stress limits. Setting up a fatigue analysis in SOLIDWORKS Simulation will allow us to determine whether a product will be able to withstand usage requirements over a period of time and not just if the product will hold up a single specified load environment.

In SOLIDWORKS Simulation, you can display results in plots and graphs. However, it can sometimes be difficult to interpret these plots as there could be many data points that are close to each other. This article will discuss three quick ways to zoom in on your SOLIDWORKS Simulation graph or plots to better view hard to interpret regions.



This article is a guide to walk you through how to add a logo or image to your SOLIDWORKS PDM data card. This is useful, for example, when adding images of products that you use or showing a company logo on the data card. 



If you are familiar with SOLIDWORKS PDM, then you are probably aware of the ability within the software to create custom column views to display metadata in Windows Explorer. This is also possible with search results. We can create custom search results columns to display desired metadata in our search results lists. 


While working on a design, have you ever accidentally clicked on the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager and moved it out of position? This has happened to me on numerous occasions and it can be very frustrating. Thankfully, SOLIDWORKS 2016 and newer allows us to lock the SOLIDWORKS CommandManager in place. This blog explains how. 


eDrawings Nov 24, 2016

One of the many capabilities of the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is being able to convert SOLIDWORKS part, assembly, and drawing files to eDrawings files. This can be very handy when you have a batch of files that you would like to convert as it would definitely save you time and effort. The Create eDrawings option in the SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler is used to schedule the tasks. You can export individual files or all files of a specified type within a folder. 



New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 is the ability to read and write custom properties of PDFs using the PDF plug-in. This PDF plug-in also maps any user-defined custom properties written in the Custom tab of a PDF. In previous versions of SOLIDWORKS PDM, this capability did not exist, and you could not read or write PDF custom properties for PDM variables.