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Want to change a feature's properties to match an existing SOLIDWORKS feature? Feature Paint lets you copy a feature's properties, such as dimension and appearance, and apply it to another feature or set of features. This applies to holes, fillets, chamfers, and many other applications.
Want to add emphasis on your SOLIDWORKS drawing with custom colors and create a unique drawing by controlling more than just the title block or annotations? SOLIDWORKS lets you specify the color of paper, borders, lines, and sketches as well as allowing you to customize the colors of sketch lines in a part file.
By default, SOLIDWORKS creates two configurations of any weldment part. It names these configurations “As Welded” and “As Machined,” with “As Welded” being a derived configuration. The reason behind this is simple: so you can model the part before and after the machining process!
Geometry Analysis, part of SOLIDWORKS Utilities, searches for potentially unwanted model geometry and shows you where it is. It lets you specify conditions and parameters to search for so you can quickly clean up models, and it’s especially helpful for identifying problems in imported bodies. Geometry Analysis looks for insignificant geometry (slivers and small faces), sharp angles, and discontinuous geometry, all of which can over-complicate the model and put a damper on production.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Dec 02, 2020
SOLIDWORKS Composer makes it easier than ever to mirror parts of a part or assembly. The tool we want to use is called Symmetrize, and it lets us create a mirror copy that either replaces the original component or sits directly across from it. Want to flip an smg component to show a different angle? Done. Want to show an assembly from two sides at the same time? It can do that too.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Oct 22, 2020
Want to create a video of your SOLIDWORKS Composer project but not satisfied with the frame rate or resolution? Do you want to present it on a large screen? This article shows users how to create and export high-quality videos with SOLIDWORKS Composer using a third-party video editing software.
3D Printing FDM Sep 29, 2020
3D printed parts are strong, but how strong are they? Sure, you can thread parts with a tap and die set, but the overall strength of the part will typically far exceed the strength of the threads (this is plastic, after all). For hard use and frequent stress cycling, fatigue failure is not far away.
3D Printing FDM Sep 28, 2020
My grandpa once told me, "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it"; but I’m an engineer, therefore I can't leave things “well enough” alone. When the time came to tow my rock crawler to Utah, I needed an answer to a particular obstacle that left me scratching my head. How was I going to tow this up a large, 40 degree paved incline with blind hairpin turns at the top and bottom, (one of which is on a busy road) when I drive a tiny Toyota Tacoma?
Want to create a custom part from a Toolbox item, but SOLIDWORKS is still showing the toolbox flag in the Feature Tree? That’s because it’s still linked to the Toolbox part! Here’s how to permanently break that link and dissociate it from the original file.