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Many SOLIDWORKS users ask, "How do I add a column to my Cut List that is tied to the Balloon Callouts?" This tutorial walks you through the steps necessary for balloons to be tied to a Custom Cut List Property. In this example, we'll walk through this process for a Weldment Cut List. Let's get started.


If you have experienced the SOLIDWORKS Open dialog or Windows Explorer dialog not displaying the thumbnail preview picture, there are a few reasons that can cause their loss. In this article, we SOLIDWORKS thumbnail previews and share some solutions to remedy the issue.
Cosmetic Threads in SOLIDWORKS describe the attributes of a specific hole so you don’t need to add real/feature threads to a model. A cosmetic thread represents the minor (inner) diameter of a thread on a boss or the major (outer) diameter of a thread on a hole and can include a hole callout in drawings.
DraftSight Jan 18, 2020
DraftSight is a professional-grade 2D solution for creation, editing, and markup for 2D drawings and design. Read more for frequently asked questions.
DraftSight Dec 12, 2019
If you are like me, one of the thousands of users that transitioned from other popular 2D CAD packages to any of the Dassault 3D suites, you eventually found yourself from time to time in need of a reliable 2D CAD package. Yes, the days of free DraftSight are gone now, but did you know that DraftSight now includes 3D capabilities? This is exclusive to the DraftSight Enterprise Plus.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Jan 29, 2018
You will need wide open read/write permissions to the computer and registry, Admin rights. The antivirus, firewalls, windows Defender, spyware detectors, etc. will need to be turned off throughout the process. Even for the first connection between the Client machine and the Boost machine.
SOLIDWORKS Composer Jun 24, 2014
This workflow was developed in response to GoEngineer customer requests for a universal, semi-interactive, SOLIDWORKS Composer document that could be opened by nearly every computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. This is one of many options for distributing rich 3dvia Composer content. The following steps illustrate the simple journey from the SOLIDWORKS Composer smg file type, to Flash FLV file type required for insertion into a PDF document/template.
This article is a high-level look at considerations and recommendations for the well versed MAC user that wants to install SOLIDWORKS. Disclaimer: Dassault Systemes and SOLIDWORKS do not officially support installing SOLIDWORKS on MAC hardware.