Creating a 3D Printed GoPro Mount for Bikepacking

Article by Benjamin Modic on Dec 18, 2018

I will be departing on a backpacking trip to Mexico soon. If you have not heard of the term bikepacking, think backpacking, but on a bike. The main goal in bikepacking, as well as backpacking, is to reduce weight wherever possible. I have been working to come up with some better solutions to my current setup to help me hit this goal.

Of course, I will be bringing along a GoPro to record images of beautiful Baja California. The only issue I found with this idea, has to do with the current mount I have to hold my camera. It is a basic bar/tube mount that comes from GoPro, which works fine, but is not the most ideal design. It is too big, too clunky, and overall has too much weight. It is a universal mount that can be improved.

A Design of My Own

The choice was clear, I set off to design and 3D print my own mount. It has to be a design that will work perfectly on my bike, with the GoPro and the light that I will be using. I will even save a few grams in the process!

First, I started by inserting a sketch picture. Then, was able to find the angle needed so that the GoPro and light will be pointing straight ahead.

Handbar for Custom GoPro Mount

Next, I was able to take known dimensions needed for the mounts and model them while incorporating the angle found previously.

CAD model for custom gopro mount

I designed the mount to be secured by tightening a screw which will draw in a plug to expand the fingers to secure the part inside of the handlebars.

SOLIDWORKS CAD model for custom gopro mount

I then created a body mirror to get the opposite hand version so that I can have matching mounts on either side of the bars.

Custom GoPro mount designed in SOLIDWORKS

And here you have it! Out with the old, in with the new. I’m not ready for my adventure thanks to SOLIDWORKS CAD and Stratasys 3D Printing.

3D printed gopro mount for bikepacking

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