How to Link Navigation Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Article by Gary Ballentine on Jun 10, 2022

SOLIDWORKS Composer users can link views to thumbnails in the viewport. Navigate to specific views by clicking directly in the viewport on the thumbnail of the view that one wants to navigate to. Doing so simplifies Composer documents for viewers unfamiliar with the program and allows them to seamlessly navigate views in Composer Viewer.

Model with Exploded View in SOLIDWORKS Composer

How to Link Views 

To insert a linked view, hold CTRL on your keyboard and left-click to drag the view into the viewport. 

How to Link Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Insert a tooltip (or other leader type) to visually link the thumbnail to the main view by selecting Type under Properties Attach. Then, select Arc tooltip from the dropdown menu. 

How to Insert a Tooltip in SOLIDWORKS Composer

To test the linked view, exit design mode by toggling the icon on the bottom left of the Composer window. Click the view to test it.

Design Mode Icon in SOLIDWORKS Composer

Manually Specifying Which View is Linked

To change which view is linked by the thumbnail in the viewport, select Link under Properties Event. This lets us select which view to link it to and select other link types from a dropdown menu.

Manually Specify Linked Views in SOLIDWORKS Composer

To learn more about linking views in SOLIDWORKS Composer, check out our YouTube video below for an in-depth demonstration of the tools and features discussed in this article. 

GoEngineer YouTube Video SOLIDWORKS Composer - Linking Navigation ViewsSOLIDWORKS Composer - Linking Navigation Views

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