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DraftSight Nov 21, 2023

PrintStyle Tables are a powerful tool in DraftSight that allows users to define how a drawing will look when printed. The concept of PrintStyles is based on using an entity's color to determine how it should be printed, either as a color-dependent print style or as a named print style based on layers or specific entities. 


DraftSight Jun 14, 2023

In DraftSight, Mouse Gestures is a unique, fully customizable toolbar that appears when dragging the right mouse button. The command buttons are arranged in a circular pattern with the mouse cursor at the center. It can have either 4 or 8 command buttons. (Shown below)


DraftSight May 03, 2023

The DraftSight Image Tracer lets you bring in layouts, logos, images, shapes, and more into a 2D CAD format. By tracing the image, you quickly get a vector conversion of whatever object you need, ready to be used in 2D CAD. Now, you can copy in floor plans, company logos, and more with just a few clicks.

DraftSight Mar 13, 2023

DraftSight is a professional-grade 2D solution for creation, editing, and markup for 2D drawings and design. Read more for frequently asked questions. 

DraftSight Feb 17, 2023

I continue to be amazed by how simple it is to transition the creation of 2D drawings from AutoCAD to DraftSight. Most of the command line shortcuts are translatable from one platform to the other, and the workflow is almost identical. For instance, typing “Break” in the command window will show as BREAK (SPLIT). This command is particularly useful for adding spacing around drawing items or splitting an entity at a specific location. 



DraftSight Jan 10, 2023

It's easy to manage network licenses of SOLIDWORKS and DraftSight. Here, we demonstrate how to set a timer in DraftSight to return a license to the server for others in a team to use. Unlike SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight Enterprise licenses are not set to return the license server by default and cannot be controlled by the timeout command in the Options File.


DraftSight Dec 01, 2022

DraftSight is a powerful, two-dimensional drafting tool that allows users to create and edit DXF and DWG file formats. But what if you need to send a file to a user who doesn’t have access to the same software? DraftSight includes options to export your file to other formats. In this article, we will highlight the DraftSight export options available.

DraftSight Nov 15, 2022

Like SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight can be easily customized to suit your needs. In this article, we look at making some modifications to improve your productivity via Keyboard Shortcuts. You are likely already aware of many built-in keyboard shortcuts such as Cut, Copy/Paste, Undo, Save, etc, but the customization tools in DraftSight allow you to map your most used drafting tools to keep you productive.



DraftSight Nov 01, 2022

In this quick tip, learn how to quickly add dimensions to your DraftSight drawings using two very helpful tools: Auto Dimension and Smart Dimension. The Auto Dimension tool creates Baseline, Continued, and Ordinate dimensions for your selected entities. The Smart Dimension tool automatically generates linear, diameter, and radius dimensions. 



GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 8,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.