Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printers

Agility and aesthetics in every stage.

PolyJet technology enables you to create parts and prototypes with the best surface quality, finest details and widest range of material properties available. Eliminate design barriers and improve communication and collaboration while creating realistic prototypes to better evaluate future products; ergonomic tooling to streamline production; or specialized items like biocompatible surgical guides, among many applications.

Broad Versatility with Extraordinary Realism

PolyJet™ 3D Printers empower professional designers, engineers, educators and healthcare professionals to create and problem-solve
with precision, speed and realism. The power lies with PolyJet technology, curable liquid photopolymers capable of producing very fine layers for smooth surfaces, intricate details and vivid color.

The versatility of PolyJet technology is based on a wide range of available material properties and a suite of 3D printers to suit varied budgets and applications. No matter the industry, PolyJet technology provides the power to solve problems and create opportunities.

  • Product designers and developers can create realistic prototypes and models with full-color elements, labels and true-to-life
    textures in one operation, to gain focus-group feedback before committing to full production.
  • Full-color, flexible materials enable lifelike anatomical models for physician training and pre-surgical planning that lower operating room costs and improve patient outcomes.
  • Injection molds made with simulated engineering plastic are produced faster and for less cost than metal molds, making lowvolume production economically viable.
  • Dental labs can increase productivity by making multiple models and try-ins in a single print operation to boost production capacity and fuel growth.

3D Printers for Any Application

PolyJet 3D Printers are scaled to meet diverse needs in capability and production capacity. The printers fall within two groups:
single-material printers that jet one material (base resin) at a time and multi-material printers with the capacity to jet several base resins simultaneously.

Single Material

Single-material printers start with affordable desktop models, featuring PolyJet technology’s fine resolution and smooth surface finish. Depending on the specific model, these printers employ a single base resin or several base resins, with a choice of either rigid or flexible characteristics. All single-material printers use SUP705 support material, removable with a WaterJet. Several models are also compatible with SUP706B soluble support for hands-free, labor-saving support removal.


Multi-material printers offer the most in PolyJet versatility, performance and productivity, exploiting the benefits of multi-jetting technology. Multi-material printers enable mixed parts, the combination of several base resins in the same part and Digital Materials, individual base resins blended to create new materials with distinct properties. Mixed trays are also possible, meaning one build tray can accommodate multiple parts made with different materials, increasing production efficiency. Large-capacity needs are easily handled by the Objet1000 Plus™, boasting the largest build volume of any PolyJet 3D Printer.

At the top of the versatility and performance spectrum are the Stratasys J735™ and Stratasys J750™, equipped with over
500,000 colors, texture-mapping and the full complement of rigid and flexible materials. These printers provide the capability to
produce everything from visually stunning, ultra-real prototypes to tools featuring soft-touch parts, to visually and tactilely realistic medical models.

J750 & J735

The world’s only full-color multi-material 3D printers.
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J750 Digital Anatomy

Ultra-Realistic Anatomical Simulation 3D Printing
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J850 & J835

The only polyjet systems able to produce bold, full color, multi-material parts in a single print.
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Objet1000 Plus

Build industrial-scale parts and mixed trays.
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Objet350/500 Connex3

The world’s most versatile multi-material 3D printer.
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Objet30 Pro

Precision Desktop 3D Printing at an Outstanding Value.

Objet30 Pro
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Objet30 Prime

The ultimate in precision and versatility.

Objet30 Prime
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Objet260 Connex3

The most liberating 3D printer in the world.

Objet260 Connex3
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Objet Eden 260VS

High-quality protoypes in a compact system.
Objet Eden 260VS
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