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Certify Your SOLIDWORKS Skills

Engineering CAD professionals can prove their skill and receive an industry recognized credential by passing a SOLIDWORKS certification exam. In competitive job markets a SOLIDWORKS certification is proof of design expertise and superior work ethic. SOLIDWORKS offers 13 certifications ranging from the job specific like Sheet Metal, to the entry level SOLIDWORKS Associate.

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SOLIDWORKS Certification Pathways

SOLIDWORKS Certification chart

There are 3 Levels of certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. The following training courses provide students with the core skills required to pass each level of SOLIDWORKS Certification exam. A SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Design Certification is the most sought after credential for 3D CAD Professionals.



Simply saying you have multiple years of experience in SOLIDWORKS is not enough, you need to prove that you have a well rounded understanding of all of the tools available in SOLIDWORKS. This is why we encourage and promote our team members to take Certifications regularly and at minimum achieve their CSWP rapidly after hire.”

– Stephen Wierenga

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How Can I Prepare?
Certification exams are comprehensive, non-proctored online tests that validate an individual’s capacity to design and analyze parametric parts and movable assemblies using the diverse tools and features in SOLIDWORKS. Once you’ve set your sights on a SOLIDWORKS Certification, there are numerous ways to prepare to ensure your success.


SOLIDWORKS Training Classes include lessons created in alignment with certification exam content. Most GoEngineer instructors have earned numerous SOLIDWORKS Certifications themselves and can offer students advice on preparing for their exams.


Study with long trusted SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam prep materials. Reviewing available guides, lessons and exercises will familiarize you with the exam structure and reinforce core concepts.

Exam Prep Books

SOLIDWORKS Prep Books have thorough lessons based on past SOLIDWORKS certification exams that help you study with easy to follow projects.

SOLIDWORKS Certification online lessons
Online Lessons

Online lessons to support testing content can be viewed right from you computer, tablet or phone for each SOLIDWORKS Certification Exam on*

Practice Tests

Practice tests can be found in the Certification Catalog on Time yourself while practicing to get comfortable with the pace of testing.

*Accessing prep materials for certifications above the associate level requires a MySolidworks Pro account. For instructions on how to upgrade to MySolidworks Pro review this pdf.


SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams can be accessed through the 3D Experience Certification Center at any time. Vouchers are free to all SOLIDWORKS users under active subscription. Three exams, (one exam from each of the following segments: Core, Advanced Topics and Specialty Topics) can be redeemed for each seat of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription Service.

Accessing Certification Exams

– Exam Vouchers can be requested twice a year – one in the first half and another in the second half of each calendar year.

– Once a voucher code is generated, it can be redeemed by anyone. This allows users to share or giveaway their unused vouchers.

– Exam vouchers expire 180 days after they are issued.

– Once a voucher is entered into the VirtualTester, the exam must be taken immediately.


Users who validate their skills with certification represent an elite segment of the SOLIDWORKS community. For some, there is nothing more gratifying than achieving challenging certifications, and certificates are displayed like badges of honor. Others pursue certification to gain a competitive edge in the job market. No matter what your motivation, getting certified provides a clear path to SOLIDWORKS mastery. All certified users are added to a SOLIDWORKS directory corresponding to their level of achievement.

SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams
Each SOLIDWORKS Certification is unique in it’s subject matter and level of expertise.  Explore the full catalog of exams and the GoEngineer recommended preparation track.

Associate Level SOLIDWORKS Certifications CSWA


Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) is an entry level credential suited to students trained in SOLIDWORKS. CSWA holders have demonstrated a fundamental knowledge of modeling in SOLIDWORKS. Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate Exams take 3 hours to complete and require a 70% to pass.

Professional Level SOLIDWORKS Certifications CSWP


Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) offer career CAD users a credential to verify their advanced knowledge. Core concepts include creating parametric parts from drawings, modifying parts, editing equations and parameters, and creating and modifying assemblies. Exams at this level vary in length and require a 75% to pass.

Expert Level SOLIDWORKS Certifications CSWE


A Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) represents the elite users that have acquired a deep working knowledge of SOLIDWORKS in diverse applications. Experts utilize advanced functions and enjoy a complex modeling challenge. To take the CSWE exam a user needs to have their CSWP, as well as 4 CSWPA Advanced Topic certifications. Exams at this level vary in length and require an 85% to pass.

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