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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Automation – Propagation

by John Lieber

The PROPAGATE command is another example of how SOLIDWORKS Electrical will not only increase your productivity but does so in a way that we can also ensure accuracy. Learn more.

Top 10 Engineering Webinars of 2017 from GoEngineer

by Sandy Ortez

Happy New Year! Last year, we hosted design engineering webinars produced by GoEngineer.  If your goal is to learn more and grow in your design role, check out our top 10 most viewed engineering webinars to get a jump-start on your

Electrical Symbols Library for your Schematic drawings

by Sandy Ortez

Electrical Symbol Library

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbols Library

Take advantage of the complete SOLIDWORKS Electrical Symbols library. This library contains industry standard symbols allowing for quick schematic creation. A perfect reference guide for electrical design professionals. With this Free Download, you can accelerate your electrical schematic

Get Connected at the Space Tech & Aerospace Expo

by Sandy Ortez

Interested in the next aerospace technology breakthrough? Chances are the experts will be attending this year’s Space Tech & Aerospace Expo in Pasadena, CA, from May 24-26 and will be talking about what’s next for flight and the final frontier.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Colors

by John Lieber

If you happen to be using an Excel spreadsheet to define your wire or cable properties instead of using the name, here’s an easy conversion chart for converting the color name to numbers.

Get Wired – SolidWorks Electrical

by GoEngineer

Earlier this month a new product, SolidWorks Electrical, was announced bringing 2D electrical schematics to the table for SolidWorks users. SolidWorks Electrical provides the tools needed to design your electrical components, schematics, and layouts. SolidWorks Electrical also integrates the 2D