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3D Print Technology and Motorcycle Tooling

by Paul Nishihira

3D Print Technology for motorcycle tooling is the “go-to” additive manufacturing process to return my Ducati to road-worthy condition. Read more about how I am the envy of “backyard” Ducati enthusiasts!

Bringing 2D into the Next Dimension

by Nic Rady

As part of GoEngineer’s re-branding campaign from a few years back, the technical support team gained a face: Joe Engineer.
Being a company that provides SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys products, services, and support, I recently decided to use these tools to take Joe from 2D to 3D.

Tinkering with 3D Print Technology

by Paul Nishihira

Tinkering – The Definition Thereof:

I have been accused by family, friends and most recently, my wife, for forever “tinkering” with my street and off-road motorcycles during my leisure time.  Whether it be creating or redesigning parts in