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Chase Hook

About Chase Hook

Chase Hook is a graduate of the University of Utah’s Mechanical Engineering program and works in the Technical Support Department at GoEnigneer. He has an automotive engineering background with 5+ years of 3D design/scanning/printing experience. He is very passionate about the cutting edge engineering technology that he gets the opportunity to work with every day at GoEnigneer. In his free time, he enjoys the great outdoors including snowboarding, wakeboarding, camping, and world travel.

SOLIDWORKS Visualize – Missing Palette

by Chase Hook

The SOLIDWORKS Visualize Palette controls the Appearances, Scenes, and Cameras within the user interface. But, what happens when your palette goes missing? Find out here.

3D Printing a NERF Gun Battery Cover

by Chase Hook

My Nerf gun battery cover broke. What do I do?

At GoEngineer, Nerf gun battles are taken very seriously.  You always want to be within reaching distance of your weapon because you never know when the darts are going to