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About Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez is a CAMWorks Application Engineer with soluble oil for blood. A fourth-generation machinist, his experience on the shop floor brings context to GoEngineer’s technical team. When not cutting chips and scrapping parts, Chris can usually be found at the nearest hackerspace, stretching his mad-scientist muscles by turning deli pickles into arc lamps.

Vapor Polishing

by Chris Lopez

Wowed by the shiny new equipment surrounding me, I was catalytically invigorated by the environment and proceeded to geek out HARD on G code peculiarities, cutting chamfers on a 3D surface, back-chamfering holes in 17-4 H900 stainless steel, and a few other tricks to help his “CNC-fu” become more productive and intuitive.

CAMWorks Virtual Machine – True G-code Kinematic Simulation

by Chris Lopez

Geometric Technologies recently released their new, state-of-the-art simulation module for CAMWorks. With Virtual Machine, you can now view your manufacturing processes directly in the context of your CNC machine. By getting it right the first time, expensive scrap and rework is

3D Printers, Disruptive Manufacturing, and You

by Chris Lopez

By now, just about everyone has heard of 3D printing, most of us have experience with the technology in one form or another, and every single day we’re hearing it mentioned in the news.

CAMWorks Tricks to Improve Your Efficiency

by Chris Lopez

1.  Modify individual moves in a toolpath Ever have a single motion in your toolpath that you’d like full manual control over?   In your Operation Tree, expand the “+” sign to the left of the operation you’d like to edit,