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About Jessica Skorut

Jessica Skorut is a graduate of the University of Utah and the Digital Marketing Coordinator for GoEngineer. She helps support several branches integrate the new marketing developments, processes and effective marketing communications.

3D Design Kids’ Camp 2018

by Jessica Skorut

3D Design Kids Camp 2018

Each year we invite hundreds of students to come onsite at our offices to see firsthand how the design process can manifest into a working prototype.

Making Magic with SOLIDWORKS and GoEngineer

by Jessica Skorut

In January 1996 product design consultant Hugo Haselhuhn began using the first release of SOLIDWORKS 95; he transitioned his Honeywell engineering team from 2D AutoCAD to 3D solid modeling. Learn more.

Supporting Women in STEM Careers

by Jessica Skorut

STEM Careers

GoEngineer is stepping up again to encourage the involvement of girls and women in STEM careers by supporting the Female Researchers Chapter (FRC) of the International Association of Computational Mathematics (IACM). Learn more in this post.

GoEngineer, Valentines, and all the Feels

by Jessica Skorut

Romantic Engineer

Without even realizing it, GoEngineer proves to be versed in all things Valentines. Surprising, I know. But sometimes you find what you are looking for in the most unsuspecting of places.

Can I use SOLIDWORKS now, Dad?

by Jessica Skorut

He loves to hear about real life applications of SOLIDWORKS and the design challenges his dad faces as part of GoEngineer’s technical support team, and how his dad solves each issue. But all questions eventually lead to the inevitable: “Can I use SOLIDWORKS now, Dad?”

The surprising secret to company cohesiveness and creativity

by Jessica Skorut

A couple of years ago, a few of us at GoEngineer started dreaming about what we could accomplish if we could gather all of our employees in the same location for a couple of days—call it networking, call it collaboration, call it an excuse to recharge. There was no doubt that the amount of talent and energy that could be shared had the potential to be game-changing for our company and customers.

Download SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta

by Jessica Skorut

SOLIDWORKS 2016 Beta is now live! Help impact the quality, performance and usability of SOLIDWORKS 2016.

3D Printed Father’s Day Gift

by Jessica Skorut

This Father’s Day, give your dad a present he can really utilize and appreciate: a 3D printed neck-tie holder! The team at GoEngineer designed and printed this quick Father’s Day present, and you can too.

3D Printed Girl Scout Cookie

by Jessica Skorut

3rd grade Girl Scout troop got the chance to be engineers for a day with GoEngineer. They used SOLIDWORKS to design a custom Girl Scout cookie then 3D printed it!

GoEngineer Welcomes Students to Corporate Headquarters

by Jessica Skorut

GoEngineer welcomed a group of high school students from the Canyon School District in Utah to visit their corporate headquarters. Students were given an insider’s look at how innovative design and state-of-the-art 3D printing is changing the world of manufacturing.

TITAN American Built

by Jessica Skorut

GoEngineer is proudly supporting and co-sponsoring a new reality TV series, TITAN – American Built, on MAVTV that airs October 24th. Watch as they lead the fight, our common fight, to bring millions of lost jobs and thousands of lost manufacturing companies back to the United States. Airing on Fridays beginning October 24th 7/10PM PT/ET

Titan’s Story Manufactures Hope for At-Risk Teens

by Jessica Skorut

GoEngineer teamed up with TITAN – American Built, SOLIDWORKS, and Stratasys to donate CAD software, high-end computers, instructor led training, and a 3D printer for the at-risk teens at the Maxine Singer Youth Correctional Facility.

Boy Scouts Earn Engineering Merit Badges with Kids’ Camp

by Jessica Skorut

Earlier this month, a Boy Scout troop from Bella Vista, Arkansas drove 3.5 hours to attend the SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys Kids’ Camp at the GoEngineer office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Fourteen boys from 10 to 14 years old earned their engineering merit badges by completing the class.