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In SOLIDWORKS, the FilletXpert tool can be used to quickly create, modify, add, or remove multiple fillets. It can also be used to automatically reorder fillets when required or invoke FeatureXpert to resolve fillet errors. To access FilletXpert, click Fillet in the Feature tab of the CommandManager or go to Insert Features Fillet. Then, in the PropertyManager, select the FilletXpert tab.



Save time and make your job easier by customizing your SOLIDWORKS user interface and placing the tools you use most at your fingertips. Shortcut bars and mouse gestures allow you to access tools without moving your mouse across the screen.


When working with SOLIDWORKS appearances, it is important to understand the order in which appearances are applied to the model. Let’s explore the appearances for this Mouse Trap Race Car. Existing appearances can be found in the FeatureManager Design Tree or DisplayManager. Here is an explanation of the appearance icons.
The SOLIDWORKS Symmetry check utility allows you to evaluate a part or assembly for symmetry. It can also be used to split a part into the smallest repeatable symmetrical body, which is useful when running a simulation analysis. Manual face check evaluates the current configuration of the part for symmetry.
The Report Manager allows SOLIDWORKS users to manage HTML reports generated from the following SOLIDWORKS Utilities: Compare (Document Properties, Features, Geometry, BOMs), Geometry Analysis, Symmetry Check, and Thickness Analysis. After running one of thes utilities, choose Save Report. Within the save dialog, specify the location and the report name.
Microsoft Excel is utilized in SOLIDWORKS by embedding or linking an Excel-based table. In this article, you'll learn basic troubleshooting steps that can diagnose Excel issues like crashes, errors, or no response when inserting or accessing Excel files such as Bend, Gauge, or Design tables.
We have all done it; clicked 'Undo' one too many times and the entire SOLIDWORKS sketch was removed. Search for the 'Redo' command and discover it is greyed out. Unfortunately, we must face the fact that the sketch is gone, and we now need to “redo” the work. Historically 'Redo' was limited to sketch commands. Although you could Redo many sketch functions, the sketch creation itself was not available for Redo.

“How do I add default Cut List properties to a weldment in SOLIDWORKS?" I have been asked this question on multiple occasions. To fully answer the question, we first need to understand the different Cut List types, and how the properties are generated.


A quick and easy way to maximize SOLIDWORKS (and many other programs) is by rapidly double-clicking the title bar with your left mouse button. The title bar includes the SOLIDWORKS logo and the white bar between the pull-down menus and the search bar. You can also restore SOLIDWORKS by double-clicking again.